My mission is to help women connect with spirit and build a better relationship with themselves.

Hi, my name is Jessica Cartwright.
I live in Bozeman, Montana with my beautiful daughter Bella, partner Dave and cat Crankers. I am so grateful to be able to help women succeed in feeling their most beautiful, vibrant, alive self.

I envision a world where people are respectful, they are aware of their own energy and the differences in others, and find a balance within that difference. A world where women are contained and confident within themselves, and can provide expansive space for one another.


My background:
• Georgia Born, Montana Found •
• 350h Registered Yoga Teacher •
• Graduate Degree from Georgia Tech in International Management •
• TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certified •
• Featured columnist, So Much Yoga, Elephant Journal •
• Event Coordinator, Cowgirls vs. Cancer •
• Horseback Riding Instructor •
• World Traveler •
• Mama •

"Jessica is a ray of light. A healer, a teacher, a mentor, a guide. She’s got a deep well of knowledge and experience to support and nurture her clients. She understands the importance of space and silence, creating ways for her people to go deep to do their healing work. She’s a natural hostess and everyone feels better when they spend time with her." -Ellen Ercolini, California


My passions:
• Helping others HEAL •
• Supporting new moms •
• Spirituality and Breathwork •
• Eating to support my most vibrant being •
• Inspiring others to live a day to day life they LOVE •
• Making yoga feel accessible to ALL shapes, sizes & backgrounds •
• Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga •


My Why:

Growing up I was overweight and incredibly self conscious. Thankfully I had a family who showed me love and support. I learned to develop a 'me' I loved but was afraid to share with the world. Once I went to college I lost the weight (about 50 pounds!) but I was still hiding. I had a long way to go in learning to love myself fully and feeling truly healthy.

I took my first yoga class at 16 and afterwards I was left feeling calm, clear headed and at ease with my body. I had never felt that before - totally welcome, exactly as I am. I didn't think much of it but kept going back. How marvelous it felt to leave all my insecurities behind. I wanted for everyone to experience this connection and calm.

After college I moved to Argentina and was so high on life. I practiced yoga, on my own, for 1-2 hours every day. I felt connected to those far away from me through meditation and was thrilled to be living a life exactly as I imagined it. It was pure intention that got me there and confirmed my belief that our life is whatever we choose it to be.

Afterwards I came back and apprenticed on many a yoga retreat, connected with my family, & reunited with our horses in Montana. I've been around horses my entire life and they teach me how to show up authentically and read energies - my own and others. It's a magnificent gift that used to feel troublesome and now brings me great freedom and the gift of healing.

I got my certification to teach yoga and focused on energy healing. I realized that after all my travels I had come to Montana for the inner exploration that I was now craving. I took a 3 year long self love journey of the chakras that changed the way I look, act, feel, and heal. Mind-blowing doesn't even do it justice.

The last piece of the puzzle was nutrition. My gallbladder was removed in 2014, leaving me on a personal quest to fine tune my nutrition and eating habits (I woke up daily feeling nauseous). More on that here. I was on a mission of selfcare - acupuncture, energy healing, reiki, chiropractic care, massage, supplemented smoothies, etc.

My body was so healthy that I was given the surprise gift of my baby girl! I felt so supported in my pregnancy and postpartum period that I have become newly passionate about showing other moms support too, through knowledge, choice and healing practices. I started teaching prenatal yoga during my pregnancy and it gave me such a strong sense of fulfillment. I now teach prenatal and postnatal in the form of Babes & Babies.

Thank you so much for taking the time to be here and for listening to my story. It feels good to be heard. Now it's your turn! What's your story? Where do you feel stuck? What inspires you? I hope to get to know you better.