Yoga means union or yoke. It is the connection of mind, body and spirit. Which to me means, brain, gut, and heart. When making a decision, it's usually best to honor all 3.


So if any part of you is still wondering about whether Mamas with Spirit is right for you, I am going to answer any questions you may have here! So that you can get a full mind, body, spirit YES and know that your whole being is in alignment with your decision.



Can I gift someone membership to Mamas with Spirit?

Absolutely! It can be hard to know how to support our new mom friends. Mamas with Spirit is the perfect baby shower gift. And the perfect way to treat a new mom. Especially if they live far away, are battling the baby blues, or don't have a ton of new mom support accessible to them.

Just sign up and then shoot me an email letting me know it is a gift. They will get a gift code and can enroll in any course of Mamas with Spirit, as they are ready. Courses are offered 4-6 times a year and are a month long. 


Is Mamas with Spirit just for new moms?

Mamas with Spirit is applicable to moms in any stage of motherhood. The course was originally designed to support new moms, since they are the ones who often can't get out of the house and need oodles and oodles of support. The Gentle Postnatal Core Engagement class is perfect for after birth, but helpful for building a strong core no matter when you had your baby. The Babes & Babies class is meant to build a bond with infants and babies, but can be fun to practice with your older kids too! And the other 95% of the course material is applicable to moms at any stage of motherhood.


What if I've never done yoga before?

No problem! There is an intro class that will help you get started with the tools need to go to any yoga class. It's actually really, really helpful information to begin a yoga practice. Setting you up with the tools for a lifetime practice. And while there is a complexity of postures offered in the course, none of them are so advanced that you can't feel comfortable doing them safely in your own home.


Will I be bored if I'm an advanced yogi?

Heck no! You will be given new tools to deepen your practice and special ways to connect with your body and your baby as a mom. Plus what yogi doesn't want to be guided sometimes? With these classes, all you have to do is hit PLAY and follow along. It's nice to be taken care of in that way, especially in the comfort of your own home. There is also immense benefit to be received in the form of intention setting and spirit card pulls, which are helpful for yogis at any stage of their practice!


When are the classes?

The classes are released 2-3 times throughout the week, for you to do in your own time. The best part is, once you have access to the classes, they're yours for a lifetime. To come back to anytime, anywhere.


What type of time commitment does it entail?

It's honestly as much or as little time as you have to put towards it. It's fun to do the classes as they come out and in sequential order. They range from 10-40 minutes in length so that you have a lot of options to fit them into your schedule (for example, a long yummy flow to do on the weekend or a short AM flow to do on a weekday morning).

Twice a week intention setting prompts are sent out over email to help bring some needed appreciation & gratitude into your weeks. Most moms get a lot out of sharing and talking about these in the Facebook group, but it's totally optional. 

Every Wednesday there are Spirit Card pulls in the Facebook group. All you have to do is leave a comment with what you want a card pull for, at your convenience throughout the day and read the response at your convenience too.

This whole group is very flexible (because we're moms), and as with anything the more energy you put towards it, the more you will get out of it!


How much does it cost?


$50 for alumni (moms who have already participated in the course and want to join for another round).


What classes are offered, specifically?

Yoga Fundamentals - the basic concepts needed for any yoga class

Gentle Postnatal Core Engagement - to rebuild that core strength

Morning Flow - start your day off right, in less than 15 minutes

Relaxing Nighttime Flow - a wind down when you need to erase the day

A Full Length Practice - full body strengthening & release, just for mama

Meditation for Parents - calming reminders that you're doing it just right

Breathwork - breathing exercises to balance, energize, and remain sane

Babes & Babies Yoga - the BEST way to bond with your baby & encourage play


Plus BONUS classes that will be created and released throughout the course, depending on the specific needs of each course's members.


How soon after giving birth should I join?

Usually I recommend that mom's wait until after your doctor has cleared you for exercise. And let's be honest, most moms need those 6 weeks to pay almost 100% of their attention to their baby!


That being said, if a mom wants to join before that to get support, she is more than welcome! She would need to wait to do some of the yoga classes until she is more fully recovered. But since they are available for a lifetime once she joins, she could do them later once she's healed. She would be able to enjoy the many other benefits the course offers (spirit card pulls, meditation for parents, gentle postnatal core engagement, breathing exercises, etc).


Can I join if I am pregnant?

Absolutely! Pregnant mothers need a lot of support! In April's course I will be releasing a special video letting moms know what exercises need to be avoided while pregnant. Some of the postures and breathing exercises aren't appropriate. In that video, I will also include a practice geared specifically towards pregnant mamas with my favorite prenatal yoga poses & exercises.

It's a great way to receive much needed support!


What will I learn?

Skills that are fundamental to any yoga practice and you can take with you to any studio or class for the rest of your life. How to bring more appreciation and gratitude into your days. How to feel strong and confident in your postnatal body. Ways to breathe that can feel like you're taking a nap and can be done even while nursing. Guidance on so many areas of your life that you may be struggling with. Seriously, so much I can't even go into it all here because you have to experience it for yourself!


What is a Spirit Card pull?

Spirit cards are what I call divination cards. For example, a tarot deck, or an Animal Medicine deck., affirmation decks, Goddess Oracle decks. You say something like "I am looking for guidance surrounding going back to work.  Should I take this new job?"; "I am struggling in my relationship with my husband. What do I need to know about our relationship right now?"; "How can I be healthier in my day to day living?"; "My mother-in-law is really bothering me. Should I say something to her about it?"; Or it can be a general pull such as "What does the Universe have in store for me today?" to simply gain some extra intention and clarity into your day and week!


Can I join after having already participated?

Absolutely! There is a special page and sign up just for alumnis. Once you are an alumni, the month long course costs only $50. Every course new class material is released and lots of support is still to be found through the rest of the course participation (spirit cards, weekly intention setting prompts, etc).



Right here. =)


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