Yoga means union or yoke. It is the connection of mind, body and spirit. Which to me means, brain, gut, and heart. When making a decision, it's usually best to honor all 3.


So if any part of you is still wondering about whether Mamas with Spirit is right for you, I am going to answer any questions you may have here! So that you can get a full mind, body, spirit YES and know that your whole being is in alignment with your decision.



Can I gift someone membership to Mamas with Spirit?

Absolutely! It can be hard to know how to support our new mom friends. Mamas with Spirit is the perfect baby shower gift. And the perfect way to treat a new mom. Especially if they live far away, are battling the baby blues, or don't have a ton of new mom support accessible to them.

Just sign up and then shoot us an email letting me know it is a gift. You will receive an electronic gift certificate along with info for the mom with how to sign up herself.


Is Mamas with Spirit just for new moms?

Mamas with Spirit is applicable to moms in any stage of motherhood. The course was originally designed to support new moms, since they are the ones who often can't get out of the house and need oodles and oodles of support. The Gentle Postnatal Core Engagement class is perfect for after birth, but helpful for building a strong core no matter when you had your baby. The Babes & Babies class is meant to build a bond with infants and babies, but can be fun to practice with your older kids too! And the other 95% of the course material is applicable to moms at any stage of motherhood.


What if I've never done yoga before?

No problem! There is an intro class that will help you get started with the tools need to go to any yoga class. It's actually really, really helpful information to begin a yoga practice. Setting you up with the tools for a lifetime practice. And while there is a complexity of postures offered in the course, none of them are so advanced that you can't feel comfortable doing them safely in your own home.


Will I be bored if I'm an advanced yogi?

Heck no! You will be given new tools to deepen your practice and special ways to connect with your body and your baby as a mom. Plus what yogi doesn't want to be guided sometimes? With these classes, all you have to do is hit PLAY and follow along. It's nice to be taken care of in that way, especially in the comfort of your own home. 


How much does it cost?



What classes are offered, specifically?

Check out all the Mamas with Spirit meditation & yoga classes here!!


How soon after giving birth should I join?

Anytime! The meditations can be done immediately postpartum to help relax the mind, calm the body, and balance the emotions. And once your doctor has cleared you for exercise, you can begin the more physical classes. You'll have access to everything you need to know about healing gently, effectively, and safely!


Can I join if I am pregnant?

Absolutely! Pregnant mothers need a lot of support! We have a special class letting moms know what exercises need to be avoided while pregnant. Some of the postures and breathing exercises aren't appropriate. Members also have access to a practice geared specifically towards pregnant mamas - with my favorite prenatal yoga poses & exercises.

It's a great way to receive much needed support!


What will I learn?

Skills that are fundamental to any yoga practice and you can take with you to any studio or class for the rest of your life. How to bring more appreciation and gratitude into your days. How to feel strong and confident in your postnatal body. Ways to breathe that can feel like you're taking a nap and can be done even while nursing. Guidance on so many areas of your life that you may be struggling with. Seriously, so much I can't even go into it all here because you have to experience it for yourself!



Right here. =)


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