I help entrepreneurial women find relief from ongoing pain and discomfort in a holistic way. 




Your body's in pain.


You've been to every doctor, every physical therapist, to the holistic medicine center in town. 


You wake up in the middle of the night afraid you'll be in pain the rest of your life.


That distracts you from playing with your kids on the baseball field, lifting your baby, being present with your clients, having a good sex life, going to yoga.


Your worst fear is that this injury will be an underlying problem for the rest of your life and you'll just have to deal.


You're a high-powered A-type who is used to helping everybody else. You can't seem to solve this and that drives you nuts.


You're the person that everyone comes to for answers and that you don't have the answer to this makes you feel inadequate and frustrated. 


You secretly wish that somebody would come along and be able to pinpoint what the problem is and give you the exact remedy to solve it.


You imagine a world where you're pain free, where you can walk on the beach, get your baby in and out of the car without wincing, climb the stairs to your beautiful home office on the third floor, and go to yoga class without worrying that you'll have to sit in child's pose all day.


That's exactly what we do here at Jessica Energy. I help to alleviate the pain in your body so that you can be free to live your life exactly the way you want it. I do this through my revolutionary new system of healthcare - Energy Therapy. In these one-on-one virtual sessions, I first help to locate the pain and then walk you through my step by step process to release it.




Here are examples of other things I help can you with:

-release of stored pain & past traumas (emotional or physical)

-alleviate anxiety & depression

-reset digestive troubles

-alleviate stress

-complement your medical recovery

-finally heal old injuries


-achy joints

-making decisions


-speed up a recovery from injury

-postnatal support



 This is how it works:

Start by booking a 20 minute Discovery Call.

There's no commitment - just getting to know each other, assessing your needs, learning your goals and desires, and laying out a plan for your energy therapy prescription.

You'll get a rundown of what our sessions will be like and see how it will benefit you specifically!


This is where you sign up.