Guided Meditation for Better Sleep


Sleep is one of the most important aspects of healthy living, but much like meditation, it can often seem elusive. How do you simply get better sleep?


There's routine, there's sleepy time teas, there's counting sheep. You could research a million different ways but what helps me the most is a guided relaxation meditation. 


One of the best ways to experience this is through practicing yoga nidra - the yoga of sleep.


They say one hour of yoga nidra is akin to 3 hours of deep sleep. I couldn't agree more! It is so deeply restorative and allows us to relax on levels that are often hard to obtain.


I highly suggest you search for a yoga nidra class in your town and try it out for yourself! It can be so rejuvenating and lead to overall better quality of living and sleep.


I've also created this super handy, condensed version of yoga nidra principles to help you feel more relaxed and sleepy whenever you need it! I didn't think much of it when I made it, but it's ended up helping so many people, insomniacs included, to get deep restful sleep. Which makes me insanely happy because I am a big sleeper and I know how precious getting your zzz's can be!


It's perfectly safe to practice while pregnant (bc the goal is to simply lie down comfortably & get relaxed). And it's a great practice for when growing a new human leads to interrupted sleep!


Hit play below to listen to your very own Nighttime Relaxation Meditation. 


Keep the intention simple: to relax.


If we put too much pressure on ourselves to fall asleep, sometimes sleep pushes back. So like I said, get comfy, take some deep breaths, hit play, and see where it takes you!

If you want extra tips for a good night's sleep - check out an Elephant Journal article I wrote a while back on another practice that puts me to sleep every time (but takes a little more conscious participation). 


Here's to restful sleep, blessed dreams, and happy awakenings.


Namaste - Jessica


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