Interview with a pre & postnatal corrective exercise specialist


Maggie Yount is a pre & postnatal corrective exercise specialist. She is passionate about training moms to have healthy, resilient bodies while nurturing healthier babies - from bump, birth & beyond.


She's personally been helpful in educating me on how to heal postpartum. By reminding me to take it easy, slow down, and do just the right exercises to feel strong & empowered as a mama.



In this video she explains to us:

  • what diastasis recti is (and how to test if you have it)
  • what to know about healing your core postpartum
  • how to heal your abdominals naturally
  • when to get help from a trained professional!

Thank you for being here & for listening! Please share this video if you've found it helpful and think others would benefit. This is important information that most moms know very little about!


Maggie can be found at and on Instagram: @mywholehealthy.



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