Craving yoga classes focused on exactly what you need most as a new mom?

Here's what to expect:

A comprehensive library of yoga classes to suit every mom's needs.

These online videos vary in length and will fit perfectly into your already crazy schedule (nap times, am I right?) They target the areas we moms need help with most, physically & emotionally. Here are the classes you'll have access to:


Kickstart Your Healing -  tools every mom needs to start, or deepen, her healing (4.5min)

Yoga Fundamentals - the basic concepts needed for any yoga class as a new mom (12 min)

Rebuild Your Core - exercises to safely rebuild your core strength (1o min)

Pranayama / Breathwork - learn the breathing exercises a new mom needs most (1o min)

Morning Flow - start the day off right, in less than 20 minutes (17 min)

Relaxing Nighttime Flow - a wind down when you need to erase the day (11 min)

Babes & Babies Yoga - the BEST way to bond with your baby & encourage play (23 min)

A Full Length Practice - full body strengthening & release, just for mama (35 min)

Relax & Renew - a gentle practice to release the kinks & feel blissed out (35 min)

Meditation for Parents - calming reminders to relax & trust you're doing it right (18 min)

Meditation for Letting Go - release expectations & find peacefulness (1o min)

Meditation for Feeling Free - release feeling trapped & find immense freedom within (9.5 min)

Meditation for Grounding -  let go of negativity & effortlessly hold better boundaries (7 min)

Meditation for Gratitude - effortlessly tune into the abundance all around you (11 min)

Meditation to Release the Mom Guilt - melt away the guilt induced strain & drain (1o min)

Prenatal Yoga Must Knows - how to go to any yoga class prepared & pregnant (6 min)

Prenatal Yoga Practice - a perfect blend of strength & ease for the expecting mama (32 min)

Moms are constantly asked to play a million different roles.

And while lots of help and attention is paid to us during our pregnancies, often once baby comes we are learning to settle into an entirely different way of living, and it can feel really freakin hard. And scary. And unfamiliar.


Mamas with Spirit is here to support you. It's much needed space & guidance to get to know your new self (& body) better, to heal safely, to relax, to feel inspired again, and to bond with your baby.


I'm ready, sign me up!


Mamas with Spirits was such a wonderful experience for me and my baby girl, Lucy. I was definitely feeling a little scattered and was having a hard time getting the resources together I needed for meditating, yoga (alone and with Lucy) and looking for uplifting words of wisdom. This website has it all! It was so nice and convenient to be able to go to one site and have numerous options for satisfying my needs for the day.

—Jamie, Colorado

Mamas with Spirit is for you if:

  • It's hard to find the time & space to do things just for you.
  • You feel like your body is unrecognizable and are struggling to adjusting to a new norm
  • You are constantly being pulled in different directions and don't even remember what it feels like to be centered (most days)
  • There are no Mommy & Me style or postnatal yoga classes offered in your town
  • You want to know the best ways to start bringing more movement & healing to your body

If any of the above rings true for you, then Mamas with Spirit is for you!!


Bring on the mom zen.

I loved participating in Mamas With Spirit and getting such wonderful yoga instruction and support from Jess! The community of moms in the Facebook group is wonderful and definitely women I want to keep in touch with. It was all worth every penny and I learned so much.

—Maggie, California

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About the Yoga Instructor


Jessica Cartwright believes that moms deserve to thrive, rather than merely survive. She had as much support as she could ask for in her pregnancy and postpartum period, and still struggled. She depended on her yoga toolbox to help her through it, and is now honored to share those tools with other new moms.


If you have any questions about joining, get in touch with Jessica here!

I would encourage every mom to give Mamas with Spirit a try. It was something I had never done but found it very fun and enlightening. It reminded me at times to nurture my mind, body, and soul in different and easy ways. The videos were great and quick which is necessary when you are a busy mom. I loved the spirit she breathed into the group. Thanks Jess! Clare, North Carolina