New Elephant Journal Article -10 Things I Want Every Struggling New Mom to Know

Whew. Parenting. Holy crap can it be a struggle.


I am very blessed to have a community of moms to share the ups and downs with. And since I tend to be very vocal, I get lots of people opening up to me in return (which I love!). I crave this honest and vulnerable communication. 


Which is why I wrote my latest Elephant Journal article - 10 Things I want Every Struggling New Mom to Know.


Because I've seen how hard it can be. And I've heard over and over again, "oh, that happens to you too? That's really good to know."


In a time that can be the most isolating and doubtful (of your abilities) in your life, it's really valuable to know that are indeed not alone. That we, as moms, are all here to support and love each other.


Even if you're not a new mom, I think you might find some insight and at the very least an ability to empathize better with some of the struggles new moms are going through.


I really hope you enjoy! And, as always, please comment and let me know what most resonates with you about it!


Click here to read the article now!


All the love & light beams (and new mama HUGS) -




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