The Food We Eat

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What we put into our bodies is the greatest dictator of our health, happiness and well-being. Which is a good thing! We don't need to look outside ourselves to feel vibrant and alive. We simply need to eat real food and love what we eat.

Growing up I had chronic bladder infections, which led to antibiotics, poor gut health and weight gain. I ended up dealing with digestive issues for a lot of my life. I even picked up some pretty nasty parasites along my travels in South America. All of this culminated with a lot of (not so small) gall stones and having my gall bladder removed in Fall of 2014. 

I woke up feeling nauseous everyday for about 6 months. It was terrible. And right when I started feeling better, I got pregnant and the nausea started all over again. Pregnancy was beautiful and miraculous (and luckily mine was very healthy), but I can honestly say that I don't miss it.

I am now 6 months postpartum and I have never felt better in my life! Nursing my baby girl and being a mom makes me feel like a goddess. it definitely takes effort, but I eat mindfully and try to have a soulful relationship with food. I want to show my daughter that food is to be enjoyed and helps us feel our best.

I enjoy cooking and try to eat slowly. But I also know that having quick and easy options is a must. Balance is key after all. 


Luckily I've found a good system that helps me feel my best.

A protein shake first thing in the morning helps quell any nausea from an empty stomach post gall bladder removal. It also works as a quick mid-afternoon snack when my energy levels tend to plummet.

A green juice full of organic mushrooms and raw grasses keeps my digestion regular and fuels me right up. It provides an energetic boost and keeps me from getting sick when so many people around me seem to be getting the flu.

Added minerals and antioxidants leave me replenished from workouts and breastfeeding. It's a natural and beneficial way to get the electrolytes our body needs to recover from heat, exercise, and even a night of too much wine.

 Daily probiotics = happy, healthy gut. So important. Period. Even more so if you have been exposed to any antibiotics (which can destroy healthy gut bacteria).

Fish oil quells inflammation from daily living and recovery from birth. I went from feeling achy and sore almost every night to feeling relaxed and restored. If you are dealing from any inflammation from illness or sports injuries, I highly recommend adding this to your regime!

No matter your routine, it's so important to have happy gut health. Otherwise our instincts and intuition will feel clogged and misguided. I know that if I drink artificial sweeteners my bladder will act up. If I gorge on fried foods, my self confidence plummets. When I eat plenty of veggies and make food a divine experience, I feel confident and buzzing.

I urge you to think back to when you've felt best in life. What were your patterns? How did you approach food? Did you eat at the same time everyday? What was your favorite thing to eat? Take a few deep breaths and listen. Our body always tells us exactly what it needs. We need to thank it for its wisdom by feeding it what it craves. 

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