What To Do When The Same Thing Keeps Happening


Ever feel like you just can't get over a certain illness? 


Maybe you fall into the same bad habit, knowingly?


Or perhaps there's this one person you can't seem to get over, even though you know the relationship brings you pain.


Sometimes we're aware of the patterns that keep us repeating the same behavior over and over. Sometimes we don't realize it until years later, because we are so 'in it' at the time.


You know what they say - hindsight is 20/20!


I've come to realize that releasing thoughts, behaviors or emotions that don't serve us is a beneficial practice, whether you already feel stuck or not. Every day we are bombarded with things that can feel heavy or icky. And we need to make sure we have a vehicle to release.


In fact, when we are too low on energy, and are around lots of other people, we pick up and carry the negative energy of others! Talk about an unnecessary burden!


And at times in our lives when we are dealing with something really heavy, but aren't currently equipped to handle it - our body stores that energy until we are at a place and time that is safe for it to be released.


This is why sometimes things are feeling so good in life, but we still have insecurity or pain.


Often it's because our body is healthy and whole enough to finally process these stored emotions. Have you ever had that happen?


It's important to dig deep and release this stored, trapped energy, that we start carrying all the way from childbirth.This can be heavy work and I really recommend working with a healer to hold the space to help you properly release this type of energy.


There's also the more surface level, day to day type of energy, reactions, and emotions that need to be let go (so that they too don't fester and become trapped). The meditation I've provided below is perfect for just that! It's like a sweet spring cleaning for the psyche (the body & soul too!) whenever you need it.


I recommend practicing this meditation it at least once a week! Seriously, it's less than 6 minutes and a chance to feel refreshed and let go of bad patterns as they are taking form.

Here's to feeling amazing and letting that sh*t go!




ps - Getting rid of the heavy stuff, the stuff you can't quite wrap your head around or don't know where it's stemming from - that's my jive. That's where I thrive in helping people. If you're wanting more support to energetically release negative patterns, thoughts or recurring pain, get in touch and start the conversation today!


I've helped babies recover from birth and clients get connected to lost loved ones & find healing. I've also worked with a massage therapist who was stuck giving all the time and dealing with month long IBS. One session and it was totally gone! If something is bothering you, there is usually a pinpointable solution.


You deserve to live feeling amazing! 


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