Why Horses are So Healing

Did you grow up dreaming of horses?


They're whimsical way of making us feel like the world was magic?


I spent a lot of my childhood around horses. I knew there was something special from them, at an early age. 


They teach us a lot about ourselves and a lot about how we're feeling.


To this day going to visit with my mom's horses is one of the most comforting feelings in the world to me. I like to go when I am my happiest, and also my saddest. They will let me cry on them and be myself, no matter how I'm feeling.


To have a better understanding of why horses are so magical and why they can also be so scary (hint: we can't hide our emotions from them), have a look below:



Have you ever had an experience like this with horses?


Where do you turn when you need to be accepted for yourself, no matter how you're feeling?


Let us know in the comments below!


ps - if you are wanting an experience like this for yourself, to feel expansive and completely accepted as you are, then don't think, just join us on a Horse & Yoga 1 day retreat!


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