Let's Make Magic


"When you spend time with the things and people you love, that nurture you and fuel your bliss, you'll inspire others to do the same."


I work with moms and women who want more out of life.



I take women through my signature process of self-care, healthy boundaries, and listening to their bodies.


 I work with women who:

make excuses for others to validate their own actions

struggle with boundaries

are scared of losing their identity

want to make space/have space for themselves but feel trapped behind their families ("I love my family, but...")

struggle with asking for space and time

struggle with connecting to their body

struggle listening to their spirit and higher self

want more peace & deep relaxation in their lives


You're ready to work with me if you're done with all that sh*t!


Mamas with Spirit

An on-line course with all the yoga & meditation videos a new mom needs. Classes are designed to help you recover from birth, find a new balance, and bond with your baby. Made to easily fit into your busy mom life schedule.

Yes, please!


You & Me

Working together, I will guide you in building an amazing relationship with yourself, your baby, and your spirit. Learn how to best support yourself, so you can support the ones you love.

I'm ready for a change..