Let’s get witchy & magical

Here to help you connect to your breath, body, cycles & rhythms, and the magic that lies within. Through my virtual community The Wild Fem Co, guided ceremonies, local Montana & international retreats, nervous system resets, deep journeying, & energy healing.

Let’s get witchy & magical

Here to help you connect to your breath, body, cycles & rhythms, and the magic that lies within. Through my virtual community The Wild Fem Co, guided ceremonies, local Montana & international retreats, nervous system resets, deep journeying, & energy healing.

The Wild Fem Co

Are you ready to relish doing things differently? To connect to they cycles of the moon, to be guided through rituals, to enjoy practices where you can simply show up to feel deeply nourished & receive on a soul level? Do you want regular spaces to be reminded that you do indeed have a mystical & spiritual safety net in life and that things aren’t meant to feel so isolating, monotonous, numb, & alone? If so, welcome home.

Mystical & Wild Feminine Retreat – Guatemala

An exploration of the ancient, the mystical, the Mayan, in the highlands of Guatemala.

This isn’t just a yoga retreat, but a deep cultural & spiritual immersion. We enjoy ceremonies and receive  ceremonies and working with local Mayan shaman to drink cacao, gain spiritual insights, and come home a completely new person.

This trip is for people who want off the beaten path travel, exploring the mysticism of other cultures through experiential journeys, and to go deep.

It’s also a chance to celebrate yourself and tap into your adventurous side – each person has their own private room for decompression, we eat fresh, local and vibrant food. It’s a sensory explosion.

You’ll have Jess, your bilingual guide with you every step of the way. This will be her 4th year in a row traveling back to this magical place and sharing these meaninful experiences with you.

January 28 – February 5, 2025

Small group – 5 women only, private accomodations

Patagonia landscape view
Patagonia landscape view

The Rooted & Wild Feminine Retreat – Patagonia, Argentina

An exploration of Argentina and your authentic self amidst the breahtaking landscapes of Patagonia’s expansive wilderness.!

This isn’t just a yoga retreat, but an investment in knowing yourself better, being bold in following your advenurous side, getting out of your comfort zone in the best of ways, and letting some of the most expansive wilderness in the world hold space for you

This trip is for people who love trying new things, hiking, getting their feet on the ground & into the wild, and experience some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery.

10 days on retreat + 2 days travel, 12 days total travel

As soon as you land on the ground, you’ll be with your bilingual tour guide, Jess. Jess lived in Argentina for 2 years (1 year in Buenos Aires, 1 year in Cafayate and traveling) and it is her favorite country and landscapes in the world.

We’ll explore Buenos Aires, Barriloche, and stay in the tiny village of Villa Lago Rivadavia, our home for 4 nights on an 800 acre ranch nestled next to Argentina’s most breathtaking National Park.

March 16 – March 25, 2025

Small group – 5 women only, private accomodations

My Services

Private Yoga & Energy Healing

Customized yoga sessions tailored toward your exact needs. A mix of talk therapy, energy healing, oracle card readings, pendulum, and chakra work.

Retreats with Jess

Offering private, day-long, and women’s retreats in Montana as well as small group guided international retreats.

Cacao Ceremony

Enjoy a space & energy clearing with smudge & intentions, then sit for our sacred cacao ceremony, with cacao sourced directly from Guatemala.

Meditation Reset on the Go

This virtual Meditation Reset is a step-by-step guide to melt stress, manifest like a pro, sleep better and release all that’s not yours to carry. I share all the secrets I use to keep my meditation practice fun & enticing, do deep inner healing, and meet your mind where it’s at on any given day. If you’re looking to be guided deeper in your meditation practice or have ever said “I’m horrible at meditating,” this is for you!

Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop

Helping mamas to feel seen, held, and supported no matter the birth they desire.

We’ll show your birth partner how to give you the yummiest hands-on support in yoga poses and birth positions, preparing for labor & delivery, and overall enjoying a more relaxed pregnancy.

And the best part? You can do this in-person and online as well from the comfort of your own home!

Jess on prenatal partner yoga session

Jess guides her clients back to themselves

Jess mixes wisdom practices like meditation and Ayurveda with modern research for a well-rounded approach to mind-body-spirit health and well-being. Her powerful intuition guides each session seamlessly with adaptability and grace while being flexible to meet the needs of her clients.

She has mastered the integration of roles of both the teacher, in which she imparts information to her students and the coach who evokes wisdom from her clients. She has a gift for listening, asking questions, and offers reflections that help clients see themselves more clearly.

Hey I’m Jess,

I help women gain clarity into their deepest needs and desires – how to communicate them, and where they are wanting to head next.

I work with women going through big life transitions – whether it’s a change of career, a change of relationships, a new baby arriving, wanting to feel better or get more out of their lives – and I guide them through this transition with the help of yoga, meditation, energy healing, connection and guided international retreats.

With over a decade of experience, I know how to support and lift women up so they can finally know what it means to truly receive, feel seen, heard, deeply nourished, and supported. I teach them how to set healthy boundaries, and how to be true to themselves above all else.

I love seeing how they get their energy, passion, and love for life back. To feel inspired to travel, go on adventures, and enjoy their most precious lives to the top.

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“If I had to describe Jessica, her work, or my overall experiences with her in one word -there is no doubt that word would be MAGICAL! Her work has created movement and healing inside of me that was beyond my wildest desires.  She will lead you to your most raw and beautiful self. Take a deep breath and follow her…” – Kristen, Arizona

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