About me

I grew up in Roswell, Georgia, my family moved to Bozeman, Montana while I was in high school. My first experience abroad was at 17, backpacking for 6 weeks with a couple of girlfriends. I then graduated from Georgia Tech and met a lot of my international crew, most of whom I’m still friends with and visit across the globe to this day.

In total, I’ve lived abroad in 4 countries, and traveled to 25+. I got deep into a personal yoga practice after college and started teaching yoga in Argentina while living there. I was feeling so free and amazing in my life, and people were noticing that, and asked me to teach them too. So I did! My meditation practice really took off there, as it was a way to feel connected to my loved ones who were far away.

I fell in love with doing yoga in Latin American countries, I found it was way less focused on the physical and appearance, and instead entrenched in spirituality, ceremony, ritual, community, nature and connection.

Running an adventure tourism agency in northern Argentina, Cafayate, brought such a powerful feeling to my life of being able to do anything I desired and understanding a completely different way of living was possible. I got to know myself so well, that it was easy to write new narratives, forgive, let go, and know that anyone else who came into the picture would need to be an improvement to the company I kept for myself!

Since then I’ve taught yoga in Bozeman and abroad, teaching classes, workshops and retreats. At times teaching up to 20 classes a week. Vinyasa, yoga nidra, restorative, advanced, chakra flows.

Then I got pregnant and created the community and prenatal yoga class I so badly needed. I became a birth doula and even founded Our Yoga Family, Bozeman’s family yoga studio. We’ve since closed that studio, as I was ready to move in a different direction (more retreats and private sessions!), however, I still love supporting and empowering mothers.

For women who have great lives, but are looking for something more and to gain clarity on what’s next as well as how to feel their most alive, centered passionate selves.

Unlike going to a generic class, retreat or traveling solo, our experiences are deeply individualized and explore people, practices and places in the ways most meaningful and exciting to you.

Experiences & certifications

My first yoga certification came in 2011, while apprenticing as an herbalist and on horse & yoga retreats. In 2015 I started teaching prenatal yoga while pregnant with my daughter. I was working for a physical therapy firm at the time and getting a lot of Women’s Health PT, bringing everything I learned into my teaching. In 2016 I had my daughter and became a birth doula. I’ve been supporting women becoming mothers ever since.

In 2020 I got certified in Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga and light up teaching on the water.

In 2022 I participated in a Mystical Mama Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training to deepen my understanding of the pregnant body, ritual, ceremony, and learn from Mayan midwives on the shores of Lake Atitlan.

I’ve created the curriculum for the Couples Yoga Date Night workshop and Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop and love assisting couples in deepening their relationships. I’m also a certified Ayurvedic Women’s Health Specialist & Akashic Records Reader and am passionate about using my experience as a doula, prenatal yoga instructor + mother to support women through transitions with these ancient practices of deep nourishment & well-being.

My Mission

My mission is for all women to feel healthy, empowered, and at home in their bodies and lives. We all need a place for vulnerability, magic and openness, to share the highs and lows, and it’s my mission to hold that space for others.


Travelled to 25+ countries

Lived in Argentina, Australia New Zealand & France

Home in Bozeman, Montana

Beloved husband, Dave & daughter, Bella

We have a puppy, Diego, rescued from Wolfpoint Reservation

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On the board of World Language Initiative

I have a horse whisperer mama

Fluent in Spanish and with an Argentine accent

I had the visit of a lifetime and experience I will never forget

I went to Guatemala looking for a break from winter. What I got was so much more than I expected. It was an adventure, a learning experience (espresso and chocolate anyone?) and a disconnect from my hectic life. Going to the more popular places in Central America is much like the U.S. further south. While that is easy, it is not much more than that. Guatemala is a magical place that is a once in a lifetime destination that would not have been possible with Jessica’s contacts, language skills, extensive travel experience and knowledge of the area. As a person who likes to have everything under my control I was amazed that I could place myself in Jessica’s care and have the visit of a lifetime and have an experience that I will never forget.