November 18, 2016
How to Ask Your Dreams for Guidance
November 18, 2016
How to Ask Your Dreams for Guidance
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Over the last 8 months since having Bella, I haven’t been all that connected to my dream work. Mostly due to interrupted sleep and having a little being that demands a lot of my spiritual energy.

But in the last couple of weeks my dreams have started speaking to me again and that feels amaaaaazing!

I love the clarity and insight I can get from the dreamworld.

Sometimes the insight is in the form of my deep, hidden fears playing themselves out.

Things I don’t like to let my conscious mind drift to – like pregnancy fears that something happens to me or the baby.

I didn’t think about these things outright in my waking hours, but in my dreams they came to me and I knew they were just a form of release for what can be a very scary and unknown time.

I’ve also had incredible dream insights regarding friends or spiritual peers. I’ve had them come to me in my dreams asking for help, only to then call me the next day asking for help in real life.

That blows my mind.

A couple of years ago, I started simply asking my dreams for guidance before bed.

Sometimes specifically, sometimes generically. Sometimes even for friends or clients who are stuck and need help finding answers or moving forward.

Once I even had a dream about playing with a distant friend’s dog. He was so happy and joyful and the message I kept getting from him was ‘take a picture and send it to my human companion.’ I hadn’t talked to that friend in a couple of years but I reached out and told her her dog was in my dream, he was very happy, and wanted me to take a picture and send it to you.

I never heard back from my friend, but I did find out through a mutual acquaintance that her dog had died about 8 days before that dream. I had no clue.

Another time I was taking care of my dad’s house and had an intense and beautiful dream about all these mountain lions and breaking from the pack to move forward and be fearless. I awoke to the sound of my old dog (who used to live in his house but had since passed) barking loudly. I was positive I could hear her barking in the basement, for real.

I checked my phone and learned that my grandpa has passed away that very night.

My dog was letting me know that he was with her. And upon looking up the meaning of mountain lion spirit animal, it was everything my grandpa represented to me.

That dream represented the messages he left me with. I couldn’t be more grateful to still feel connected to him.

Dreams are Powerful Ways to connect with Spirit world.

I’m guessing you’ve had an uncanny experience yourself.

Let me tell you about my experience in the last couple weeks in directly asking for guidance.

I love helping people with my yoga teaching and energy healing. I have so many ideas of how I want to help make the world a better place and best serve my students, but I was feeling unsure as to the next moves I should take.

And with an 8 month old baby sometimes my brain just isn’t as clear in my waking life as it used to be when I practiced hours of yoga daily.

So I asked my dreams! For what the next steps in my career should be.

Night 1: I dreamt I was offering mini retreats for locals in my hometown of Bozeman, MT. (I’m afraid to do this but recognize that this is the universe speaking through me and I need to honor this calling!).

Night 2: I dreamt the yoga studio owner where I teach offered me to teach 5 more classes a week, and I was STOKED! I realized this was my soul’s way of saying – you want to teach more yoga, so do it!

You will be supported and feel fulfilled in this endeavor. So now I am actively creating ways to teach more yoga in town and know that it is the right next step!

This past week I have been doing a cleanse (all whole food and good fat, no dairy or grains or SUGAR!). It’s brought up some uncomfortable emotions for me (which is good, bc that means they were lying dormant and I need to get them OUT!).

I was getting ready for bed at night and feeling low. Lately I’ve been struggling with wanting to reconnect with my soul purpose and career, aside from being a mom.

So I asked my dreams for reassurance that everything was happening for a reason and would be okay.

Night 1: I dreamt I was teaching private yoga to Hillary Clinton! To me, that represented my support for her, my desire to heal the world on a deep and lasting level, and a need to recognize that I have  much value to bring to the world!

Night 2: I dreamt I was having an Energy Healing session with my favorite abundance and Chillpreneuer mentor, Denise Duffield Thomas.

We were in a small town in Australia (where she lives) with her family. There were chimes and dreamcatchers all around and we were pulling divination cards together.

Then we decided I would start teaching yoga privates to her mother-in-law. Denise is a huge mentor for me (and if you’re into business, she also represents my Ideal Customer), so offering my services to her in such a natural and relaxed way in my dreams felt uhhhhmazing.

It helped me really believe in myself when I’ve been struggling to come back to my worth after spending so much time just focusing on getting my baby and family life in order (I had a baby, bought a house with my partner, and got engaged all within a year!).

So now it’s your turn.

  • Where do you want more guidance or reassurance in your life?
  • Is there a loved one who has passed that you would love to connect to in some way?
  • Do you want to be shown a sign about something you are going through on this journey?

It’s time to turn to your dreams and have a little fun!

I like to phrase it like this: “please, dreamworld, give me some reassurance that everything is going to be OK regarding… xyz”.

Or, “please send me a message about where to move next regarding… abc”.

It’s important not to put too much pressure on this. Just set the intention, forget about it, and dream easy. It may come to you right away or it may come to you in a couple of nights.

If you have trouble connecting with your dream world, here are some tips for how to go about it:

  • Meditate before bed. Even just 5 minutes of deep breathing can do the trick. Since it’s before bed, counting your breath 9 down to 1 several times can really help you calm down and be centered.
  • Keep a dream journal. You’ll be amazed how much more vivid and telling your dreams become if you write them down in the morning, first thing upon waking. Just start with whatever you remember and the details will magically start to fill themselves in. (ps – it helps to write as if it is currently happening “I’m walking through a tunnel and I see..”). The more you practice this, I swear the more you will be able to access and remember your dreams.
  • Try to remember one key symbol. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and all I remember is a blue umbrella or that I was drowning. Or I simply don’t have the time or energy to write the entire dream down. But if I have the key symbol, I can look it up later and still get insight. is by far my favorite site for looking up symbols. (but if you’re doing a dream journal regularly, often the symbols are clear to you without you even needing to look them up).

Some people will tell you to drink lots of water before bed, because that will make you wake up to pee and our dreams are strongest in the time between waking and sleeping. That’s an option. But sleep is precious so you. do you… 

I’m confident that trying any of the above will get you the results you are looking for.

Again, just give it time and allow it to be fun and easy.

So as you now know, dreamwork is one of my favorite ways to tap into spirit and I love hearing about the dreams of others. Your turn to share in the comments below a dream that has been spookily on point for you!

ps – we can access our subconscious much like dreaming through the practice of yoga nidra, which is one of my specialties. So if you’re looking for any of the above and want even deeper guidance. and intuitive support, be sure to book an Energy Healing session today (where I guide you deep into yoga nidra and accessing your subconscious!).

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