May 30, 2017
Birth & Labor Mantras
May 30, 2017
Birth & Labor Mantras
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Where do you turn when you need to tap into the most powerful parts of yourself?

Today in the prenatal yoga class I was teaching, we were blessed with 3 full term mamas. 40 weeks, 41 weeks, & soon to be 40 weeks! It was magical & always such an honor. I can’t say enough how much I love sharing in this space with women who are about to be going through the most transformative experience of their lives – childbirth.

You are bringing a new human into the world. And that is AMAZING!!!

One mom asked what mantras I used during labor. And it took me a while for anything to come to mind. And then I remembered AUM. The universal sound.

My contractions came so fast and so quick, I felt like I lost myself and had to control getting panicky. 

One thing that helped me stay grounded, low, and really in my body (when all you want to do is escape) was – AUM.

To be honest I was full on moaning, not chanting, and at times it felt like that and the water were the only things getting me by.

I needed to move with and release the intensity of it all, and repeating this sound that is so familiar to me helped immensely. Chanting is traditionally one of the quickest ways to ascension, to elation, and AUM is the perfect way to get there. However, I know Aum won’t work for everyone.

It’s helpful to find a mantra, an affirmation, or an anchor word that works well for you.

We really need to be able to anchor intro trusting ourself, breathe through the intensity, and find a way to stay low and grounded (high pitched can bring on feelings of anxiousness and panic). Aum was definitely my go to during labor, but when I was preparing for labor (and was 42 weeks & 5 days pregnant), I wrote in my journal to help calm me. This is what I wrote, which I now consider my labor mantras (they got me through what can be equally as challenging – the waiting game, at home induction, and hospital induction!). So I share them here, may they be of benefit! And know that you might not know what feels good until you’re actually in labor – and that’s okay!

Just let whatever you anchor into be something that grounds you, keeps your breathing, keeps your energy low and in your body, and allows you to roar it as needed.

You’ve got this!  
Inhale: I trust my body
Exhale: I trust my baby
Release. Forgive. Accept. Let Go. (I wrote this one over & over & over! It’s helpful to notice what fears we may be hodling onto, and give space to air them out. and release them, yes, even while in active labor, if anything is stalling!)
Peaceful. Free. Relaxed. Calm.
I also reflected on what is the opposite of pressure (this was actually pressure due to my family & friends feeling anxious about baby taking so long, but it would work for birth pressure too!) and came up with these words:
Let go
You can use any of the words that resonate, it might be nice to have a list in your hospital bag to turn to! Just pick whichever word(s) resonates at the time, match it/them to your inhale & your exhale.
Technically, a mantra is a word repeated to aid in concentration during meditation.

So when using a mantra in birth, I like to think of them as a way to come back to your calm, peaceful self between contractions. Tune into that part of you that is relaxed & at ease.

Come back to them when you are struggling or doubting. Say them over and over before birth so that by the time labor rolls around, you can relax into them and they already feel familiar to you!
Now it’s your turn! Did you use mantras in a previous labor? Do you have favorites that you plan to use? Let’s share the love by commenting below!
And if you need specific help in creating a birth plan, getting in a good mindset before birth, or simply feeling super connected to that calm, peaceful place inside of you – you can book a Private Prenatal Yoga class with me, or take my Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop where I share all my best birth prep tips, poses, breathing exercises, and moves to feel confident and connected heading into your birth.
You were born to do this!

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