“I knew finding a doula would require me to go with my instincts, connecting and feeling comfortable with someone is all about a feeling for me. I was drawn to Jess by her warmth, kindness, and nurturing sensibilities. She felt like the older sister I never had and I just knew she was who I *needed* to attend my birth.”

A doula is a birth support person

It’s someone who:

  • is consistently with you throughout your active labor (nurses must come & go)
  • suggests positions to help mom feel comfortable & keep labor progressing
  • provides hands on pain relief (counter-pressure) or massage
  • ensures the parents are able to communicate with each other and know their options
  • helps facilitate communication with the rest of their birth team (midwife, doctors, nurses)
  • reminds the parents of what is normal and helps them feel confident in their birth process

A doula does not:

  • provide medical advice or support (that’s for the midwives & docs!)
  • take the place of dad/partner (in fact, doulas help dads/partners feel more confident in supporting their signficant other & also ensures they are taking care of themselves)

“Depending on the study or review, doulas have been shown to reduce cesareans by anywhere from 28 percent to 56 percent for full-term births.”

DONA International

Prenatal partner yoga practice Jess helping a woman
Jess confident and smiling

What is a postpartum doula?

The first 40 days after baby arrives are best spent healing from birth, and learning how to care for baby.

A postpartum doula can greatly assist in a more peaceful, well rested, well-adjusted postpartum period. A postpartum doula is someone you don’t have to host. They’re someone you trust to invite into your home, with 0 expectations aside from supporting the family unit in whatever serves them best that day.

This ranges from:

  • holding baby so mom can shower or have a moment to herself
  • postpartum & baby yoga
  • offering new parent guidance & tips
  • mental & emotional health checkins
  • tidying up around the house
  • cooking a home cooked meal
  • running an errand
  • helping mom to heal after birth

It’s the village everyone’s told you you needed, but you didn’t know where to find.

“The postpartum period – that is, the months after baby arrives – is a time of tremendous change, responsibility, and healing. The care you receive after giving birth is just as important as your prenatal care.”
American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists

Even our nurse said our doula was amazing

“We are so lucky to have had you by our side in this journey. Even our nurse later said our doula was amazing, we’re like… we know! Your presence, energy & confidence was everything we could have needed and more. You will always have a special place in our little family’s heart. Thank you for everything!!!” – Sarah (first time mom)

What’s included

Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop

This is a one of a kind workshop I created to show your birth partner how to feel confident in their role as birth partner, learn hands on pain relief (through counterpressure & poses), talk about your birth plan, answer any questions, and overall allow you to enjoy a more relaxed & connected pregnancy.


Together we’ll create a plan for your birth &/or postpartum, focusing on the parts that matter most (newborn care, etc.). It’s good to know what to focus on, and where to leave room for the unexpected.


The importance of having someone checking in on you, in your home, postpartum, cannot be understated. Mothers need in depth care, asking about their physical, mental & emotional health; someone to ask questions to and get real life advice & support. As your doula, I will be sure to do that!

No Agenda

It’s important that a doula works well with the birthing team you’ve chosen, and it’s my mission to do this. I’m not here to tell you or them what’s wrong or right, but simply to help get clear on & communicate your needs to all involved.

My full attention

When you’re in labor, oftentimes your medical team will be in and out. They may have other patients or need to focus on baby, etc.  My focus is solely on you, the parents, no one else! It creates an evironment of trust & confidence that makes a big difference in birth & parenting.

Baby Yoga

If you choose a postpartum package, we will also practice some much needed postpartum & baby yoga.

So proud & happy of the whole experience

 “We made a great team! I still think of that time and it always gives me strength. So proud and happy of the whole experience. We really couldn’t have done it without you!!” – Chris (a first time, happy dad)

Pick your package

Birth Package

1 in home Prenatal Partner Yoga workshop, with extra prenatal planning & birth plan guidance

Birth services

1 postpartum support visit (meal included)

Investment: $1995
Deposit: $995

Birth + Postpartum Package

1 in home Prenatal Partner Yoga workshop, with extra prenatal planning & birth plan guidance

Birth services

6 postpartum support visits (meal included on first visit) within first 12 weeks postpartum

Investment: $3495
Deposit: $1745

Postpartum Package

1 in home Prenatal Partner Yoga workshop, with extra postpartum planning & birth plan guidance

6 postpartum support visits (meal included on first visit) within first 12 weeks postpartum

Investment: $1745
Deposit: $875

Deposit is due immediately upon booking.

Remaining balance is due at 36 weeks.

Postpartum visits are ~90 min – 2 hours long.

All services include phone & text support.

Click below to get in touch!

I’ll learn a bit more about you, check my availability & get back to you.


Once we both confirm availability and that working together is a good fit, you’ll pay the deposit to confirm my services. We’ll schedule our Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop & in home visit. The remaining balance will be due by 36 weeks. 

Do I really need a doula?

I’ve never known someone to regret having a doula at their birth! Oftentimes 2nd time mothers are sure to hire a doula, wishing they had done it for their first birth. And first births can be when they’re most needed, with everything being new and unfamiliar. To me, this is the type of care mothers actually need, more than a million baby onesies or books. It’s real life, in the moment, customized care and support for the couple.

What if I know I want an epidural?

A good doula is here to support your birth, and has no agenda. Research has shown that what matters most to mothers is that they feel seen, heard and supported in their birth. That they’re calling the shots. Doulas help make sure that happens. On an epidural, a doula will still help with position changes, the pushing stage, etc.

Do you do hospital or homebirths?

BOTH! I’ve done more hospital births overall, since doulas provide individual attention that often hospital staff cannot, and they also really help with comfort and communication (which can be trickier at hospitals depending on staffing & how busy they are). I’ve also done birth center births and homebirths. I truly love them all. It lets the provider do what they’re their for – medical care – while I focus on the parents, their needs, their desires, and making sure they are seen, listened to and supported!

When would we call you once we’re in labor?

This is different person to person. Typically when you’re in active labor, and having trouble talking or doing other things through your contractions, and they’re consistent. It will also vary depending on the mother, if it’s 1st or 2nd child, etc. It’s important to share any and all updates with your doula so they can be prepared!

What is the Prenatal Partner Yoga workshop?

Learn more here. This is a one of a kind workshop I created to show your birth partner how to give you the yummiest hands on support & feel confident in their role as birth partner, prepare you both for labor & delivery (the stuff you can’t read in books), and overall enjoy a more relaxed & connected pregnancy.

What if I live outside of Bozeman?

Considering the nature of birth and its surprise arrival, it’s very tricky to do doula work unless you’re on location already. If you’re within an hour of Bozeman, reach out to see if it’s a good fit. If you’re further out, we could work one on one through private prenatal yoga and my Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop.

Experiences & certifications

When I got pregnant with my daughter in 2015, I had all the support in the world, and I still struggled. My first trimester was the most depressed I had ever been in my life. Around 16 weeks, I started teaching prenatal yoga and created the classes and community that I so badly craved for myself. These classes became the best part of my week. To this day I still hear women say ‘prenatal yoga with you was the best part of my pregnancy!’ 

After my daughter was born, I started teaching postpartum yoga and baby yoga. Shortly after, I also became a birth doula. I combined what I was offering in classes and doing in births, created the Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop, and have helped hundreds of couples in preparing for their births. 

In 2019, I co-founded Our Yoga Family, a yoga studio for the whole family, specializing in prenatal and postpartum. We created a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training that Yoga Alliance said should be the new standard in prenatal yoga teacher training. We have since closed our doors, moving in new directions, but the community and experience we gained still fuels us to this day. 

Throughout my prenatal yoga career, I have worked closely with Women’s Health Physical Therapists and continuously incorporated this wisdom into my offerings. In 2020 I received my certification in Ayurveda for Women’s Health. I’ve also traveled to Lake Atitlan to learn about birth and pregnancy from the mecca – the Mayan midwives. I love being able to call upon this wisdom in my offerings for mamas & families.

Hence my services provide tremendous physical support but also touch on all aspects of life and the transition that is becoming a mother. However pregnancy or postartum are showing up for you, I am here to support you through it on all levels.