October 5, 2016
Postnatal Yoga Article and Evolving as Yoga Teacher
October 5, 2016
Postnatal Yoga Article and Evolving as Yoga Teacher
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Evolving as a Yoga Teacher

Since I started teaching yoga in 2010, how and what I teach has mirrored where I’m at in life. I’ve taught full time, I’ve taught on retreats, I’ve taught relaxation, chakra flow, and faster paced flows. Let’s just say my teaching mood tends to match my current life lessons.

Read my Postnatal Article here

Pre-baby Yoga

When I got pregnant, it was such a whirlwind of thought, emotion and evolution (Check out my Elephant Journal article – The Spiritual Surprise of Being Pregnant for a real deal glimpse into that experience).

What grounded and fulfilled me more than anything was beginning to teach Prenatal Yoga. I apprenticed with another well known prenatal teacher for a while, than branched out on my own when she took time off to have her baby.

It felt scary and surreal to be adding something totally new to my yoga scope. But as with all endeavors that tingle in your gut (scary, nervy, but feel oh so right), I knew I was doing what I was meant to be doing. The hour I taught and surrounded myself with other pregnant women became the best part of my week.

Post-Baby Yoga

Once I had Bella, I was on a major hiatus. I did a 40 day lie in, and as with most new moms – spent a lot of time tied to the house the first 3 months.

The very first thing I committed to was teaching a Postnatal Yoga class.

I was nervous to be on someone else’s schedule, and nervous about teaching something I had yet again never really done before. But that’s the thing about other new moms  – we’re all here to support each other.

And we really love to do anything that gets us out of the house, where we don’t have to stress over changing a nappy, feeding, or a crying baby. Postnatal yoga is perfect for all of those things! We’re all in it together.

So needless to say, teaching now became the highlight of my postnatal weeks.

I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot. I’ve seen moms come in and feel like laying on the floor is a massage! I’ve seen moms stretch and move for the first time post baby. I’ve seen babies see other babies for the first time. And I’ve seen moms create this magical and unique bond with their little ones.

A Postnatal Yoga Article

I was lucky enough to get asked to write an article on Postnatal Yoga. It gives lots of good examples of:

– things you can do resting in bed while feeding immediately postpartum

– poses to practice with baby

– health factors for mom to consider

– a practice to do while wearing baby

– how yoga can help with postpartum depression

– overall encouragement and fun

Click here to read & enjoy!

ps – I offer one-on-one postnatal yoga and postpartum coaching, which can be applied to helping new moms heal, feel supported in every way (movement, nutritions, asking all the questions) and find new direction in their lives. To learn more, contact me today!

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