January 1, 2017
My Favorite Tools for the New Year or any New Beginning
January 1, 2017
My Favorite Tools for the New Year or any New Beginning
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Welcome to the New Year!

I love the start of a new year. A chance for new beginnings, new intentions, new reflections.

I love spending the last days of the year reflecting on all that we have accomplished as a family, all I have grown as an individual, and the many wonderful parts of our lives we have to be blissfully grateful for.

The tough times included. It’s important to appreciate how the challenges we have faced have also turned into some. ofour biggest gifts. They allow us to grow and crack us open so that we can let more light, more living authentically, into our lives.

May we all be amped to take on what comes next, with intention, clarity, ease, and gratitude.

Now here are some of my favotite tools for a New Year (or any new beginning)!


The Law of Attraction planner

This planner is seriously my jam!!! It allows for daily intention setting, visualization, affirmations. It prioritizes your time so you can be more efficient (and thus more present). It reminds you to schedule time for daily gratitude, exercise and meditation.

It has you reflect on your monthly goals and really recognize your lessons as well as your achievements. It’s the ideal way to bring mindful structure into your life so that you can spend time fully present in the things you love (and help you get sh*t done!). Click here to order!

A new smudge stick

Because, cleansing. Light a smudge stick (could be sage, palo santo, sweetgrass, or even herbs like rosemary) to clear the toxic air in your life. Use the smoke to cleanse areas of your home. To cleanse stuck or negative energy in your body, your aura, your vibrations.

Smudging is one of my favorite spiritual tools. Especially for cleansing the old and welcoming in the new. Just be sure to open a window to let that older energy out!

Click here to order!

A Fire Ceremony

Do not underestimate the power of a fire ceremony.

On a piece of paper, write down any and everything you’re wanting to let go of. On a separate piece of paper (or the back), write down what you’re welcoming in.

Read them aloud and throw into the fire.

We do fire ceremonies on every retreat that I offer. It is even more powerful when shared!

Oracle Cards

Pulling divination cards is my jam. Anytime I am feeling off, needing answers, or want reassurance, I pull a card.

My favorite decks are Journey Of Love, Goddess Guidance and Animal Medicine. I would choose any that call out to you!

Be sure to hold your question or intention in mind while picking the card.

For Mamas

The Mother’s Wisdom Deck

This divination set is a such a fun and helpful tool for spiritually minded mamas! Whenever I am struggling, need guidance, or overall just want to bring some added intention into my day, I pull a card. And I love how the deck speaks especially to the trials and triumphs that mamas go through. Treat yourself to support this year. Click here to order!

It is my goal and my honor to help provide you with the tools to build a spiritual foundation.

If you want deeper guidance on any of the above, these are all things I offer through my Private Energy Healing sessions (energy cleansing, divination card pulls, clarity) and can be done virtually or in person in Bozeman.


Thank you for being here with me, and thank you for taking the time to help add intention and spiritual delight into your new year, new beginning!

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