April 10, 2023
Free Mindful Meditation for Parents
April 10, 2023
Free Mindful Meditation for Parents
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My mission is for all women to feel healthy, empowered, and at home in their bodies and lives. We all need a place for vulnerability and openness, to share the highs and lows, and it’s my mission to hold that space for others.

Which is why I am very proud & grateful to work with amazing groups i, like Roots Family Collaborative, bringing useful resources to parents in Bozeman and Southwest Montana.

When Roots asked if I could create a resource to share with parents, I thought a short & sweet mindful moment would be perfect.

Use it whenever you are feeling called to relax, recenter & start anew… 


You’ve got this.

Everything is a season.

You are exactly the parent your child needs…

If you love this meditation, and want more, check out my Meditation Reset on the Go.

It’s all my favorite healing and meditation tools and tricks. Completely rebooting your mental and emotional body in all the best ways I know how. I’m so proud of it because it really makes meditation accessible and people always feel like a new human once they’ve completed the reset.


So if that sounds like just what you need – to be guided, to show up however you are on any given day, to refill your mental and emotional cups – then check it out!

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