Half & Full Day Private Retreats

Yoga, meditation, cacao ceremony & more in the comfort of your home (or rental) in the Bozeman, Big Sky & surrounding area. These retreats are great for supporting big life transitions, small group celebrations, and full body release and replenishment. They’re a truly supportive & deeply customized experience.

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Private half and full day retreats are my favorite for really immersing yourself in Montana, helping shift some big energy, feel tension & stress melt away, gain new clarity, and receive a deeply supportive & immersive experience

Jess with drum

Half day private retreat


  • 45-minute meditation & card pulls to ground into the body, breath & intentions
  • 60-minute yoga class
  • Hands-on adjustments
  • 45-minute cacao ceremony & sound healing
  • Ending with extended savasana & guided journeying
  • Short breaks will be included
  • approx. 4 hours total to include some time to journal, short breaks, and transitions between our activities

Cacao and sound bowls will be provided.

$995 (1-4 people included)

Each additional person: $149/person

Optional add-on: fire ceremony $100.

The Activities – Half Day Retreat

We kick off with a meditation to get grounded in our bodies and breath. Tarot or oracle card readings follow, offering insights for setting intentions, gaining guidance, and achieving clarity.

After a short break, we dive into a rejuvenating 60-minute yoga class. This isn’t just about stretching; it’s a chance to shed stress, nourish the nervous system, root ourselves in Montana, and allow the body to fully absorb the experience. Expect optional hands-on adjustments and essential oils to enhance the session.

Another brief break sets the stage for a 45-minute cacao ceremony and sound healing. We begin by smudging to cleanse our energy, then move into the cacao ceremony to wrap up the day’s energy. This is a heart-centered practice where we share insights, fostering a beautiful sense of alignment. The session concludes with an extended savasana, featuring guided energy clearing and enhancement tailored to the day’s journey and card pulls. I’ll provide the cacao and sound bowls for an immersive experience.

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woman meditating with one hand on the heart
people and tibetan bowls
candles and Tibetan statue
relaxation pose on the mat
Spiritual tools in Jess' hands
women doing yoga together

Full day private retreat


  • 30-minute meditation & breathwork to root into the body and breath
  • 75-minute vinyasa class (geared towards your desired level of class)
  • Lunch together, a healthy and organic meal provided by Jess
  • Breaks to journal and relax
  • 60-minute restorative or yin yoga
  • 45-minute cacao ceremony & mini sound bath
  • Closing fire ceremony
  • approx. 6 hours total to include some time to journal, short breaks, and transitions between our activities

Cacao and tarot/oracle cards will be provided.

$1995 (1-4 people included)

Each additional person: $250/person

The Activities – Full Day Retreat

During our private retreat, we’ll begin with a welcome circle and grounding meditation designed to foster connection, allowing participants to settle in, become acquainted, and root themselves in Montana. Following a brief break, a 75-minute vinyasa yoga practice unfolds, specifically tailored to individual preferences—whether focused on strength, flexibility, releasing the kinks, sport injury, or seeking guidance on specific poses.

The midday period from 12 to 12:45 involves a shared lunch, featuring Ayurvedic kitchari provided by Jess (one of Ayurveda’s most healing meals!). We’ll have an informal chat about using Ayurveda for self-support, particularly in Montana’s challenging climate or amidst our trypically busy lifestyles. After a short break for journaling or relaxation, the afternoon session from 1 to 4 comprises a 60-minute restorative or yin yoga practice. This gentle, grounding class incorporates hands-on adjustments for deep relaxation and nurturing.

Following a 15-minute break, the day culminates in a 45-minute cacao ceremony and tarot/oracle card readings, including energy cleansing & smudging. This heart-centered practice aims to reconnect participants with a sense of alignment and joy. The session includes personalized card pulls (a lot like tarot – most people’s favorite part!) for guidance or simply for enjoyment, followed by a guided journey to embody the insights gained. A 30-minute break ensues, allowing time for journaling and preparation for the closing fire ceremony—a potent ritual for release and renewal, symbolizing a profound letting go to create space for new beginnings. If an open flame is unavailable, a candle will be used.

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woman folding in a yoga pose
spiritual tools for energy healing
women doing yoga together

Meet your retreat guide

Jess wants people everywhere to feel celebrated, held, nourished, and content. In her 14 years of teaching yoga, she has learned how to create a calming yet energizing class that takes into account the needs of each individual. Her background is in retreats and they are her favorite way to unplug, go deep, make powerful new connections, release, refresh, and leave feeling like a new person. She is an Akashic records reader, energy healer, birth doula, advanced prenatal and postpartum yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Women’s Health Specialist, mother, world traveller and Montana lover!

What makes these retreats special?

Personalized experience catered to the experience you want.

Yoga is adabtable to your background and activity level desired.

Hands-on adjustments for deeper relaxation.

Stress release and cleanse with different techniques for deeper results.

A safe place to share anything that came up during the session.

Extended yoga poses with guided energy clearing and enhancement.

Deeply unwinding, releasing the kinks and restoring the nervous system.

Heart-centered practice that connects us back to feeling in alignment and amazing.

I loved absolutely everything

I loved absolutely everything! I loved the outdoor morning meditations! I’m not a big yoga person but I did love the yoga classes! Doing this outdoors was really a highlight AND hearing Jess’s beautiful voice. Oh my god that was so special! I loved all the oils, the glass container with the messages, the tarot cards we picked, being massaged, providing extra mats. I loved getting to know everyone. I loved that this was all women.

Time to do our own thing

I loved that we had down time to just do our own thing. There was never a rush or any pressure. I loved the release ceremony, that was really great and gave us an opportunity to be vulnerable. The hike was fun, adventurous, and not too strenuous! Yelling, not once but three times was so freeing and doing this all together as a group is a really a wonderful memory I have!

Amazingly refereshing & rejuvenating

It was incredible. Everyone was so nice and helpful! Our room was clean and kept getting cleaned daily. Transportation was provided to and from the airport which was great! I loved the homemade granola bars!! Amazing leaders, women, facilities and surroundings. I would love to go again. The time we had felt amazingly refreshing and rejuvenating.

buddha bus stop

How to sign up

  1.  Pick the retreat that works best for you
  2. Click on the button to apply
  3. Fill out the form
  4. Receive a confirmation email with the details
  5. Schedule your pre-retreat call
  6. Use our guide to learn about how to prepare and what to bring


Who provides the space?

You do! These are meant to be as relaxing as possible, which means I come to you. If you’re wanting to do something in a space I provide, that can be arranged. Please get in touch and we can discuss the details.

How many people can join?

The price for these services includes groups of 1-4. To talk about options for larger group sizes, please be in touch so we can create a customized experience for you.

Is food provided?

For Half Day Retreats, I provide the cacao!

For Full Day Retreats, I make a healing lunch to share: Ayurvedic kitchari, one of the most healing food according to Ayurveda (adaptable based on desires/needs). I also provide the cacao, sourced directly from Guatemala.

How do I sign up with a friend?

The more the merrier! We love when friends come together and enjoy some adventure and r&r time together. Only one of you needs to do the signing up, and on our pre-retreat call, I’ll get info about your experience levels, reasons for wanting to do the retreat, if you’re celebrating anything special, dietary needs, etc.

Do I need yoga experience?

Nope! I pride myself at bring able to make a yoga practice fun, enticing and accessible to both beginner and advanced yogis alike. I can adapt the practice to your needs & varying skill levels. Mostly, it just takes an open mind and wanting to dive in!

Do you have any other Montana recommendations?

If you’re visiting from out of town, I’d be happy to help connect you to other wonderful experiences in the valley. Whether it’s a great hike, a restaurant recommendation, or other wonderful healing experiences!

What do I need to bring?

Yourself! Comfy yoga clothes. A space big enough to do our movement & ceremonies in. A yoga mat, if you have one. Otherwise I will provide the mats, props, etc. We will send you a ‘what to know/how to prepare’ document and also discuss this during our pre-retreat call.

Do you travel outside of the Bozeman, Big Sky & Livingston area?

Yes! I do travel outside of these areas for special groups, occasions or purposes. This will be a customized offering, so please reach out and we can discuss what you’re hoping for. Head to the contact page or hi@jessicaenergy.com to start the conversation.