April 7, 2023
Healthy and Happy Immunity Tips for the Whole Family
April 7, 2023
Healthy and Happy Immunity Tips for the Whole Family
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It’s that time of year! It’s getting colder & everyone’s getting cozier.

It’s time to pull out the tricks for keeping our immune systems healthy & strong.


We thought we’d share our favorite ways to support the whole family through cold & flu season (even more so this year, of course).

And just remember that prevention is key! Start these remedies now and enjoy shorter bouts of sickness, if any:


  • Elderberry Syrup

    Just when we think everyone’s heard about the amazing health benefits of elderberry syrup, we’re surprised. So if you don’t know, now you do. Having elderberry syrup on hand, & taking it regularly can drastically reduce frequency & duration of colds.  It’s safe for pregnancy, postpartum & kids. It’s usually made with honey, but can be made with agave for kids under 1 or vegans. We suggest making it yourself! It’s easy and tastes way better, plus it’s more affordable. You can get dried berries locally (Coop or Rosauers) or buy them online (Mountain Rose Herbs). Bonus: turn the into gummies!


  • A Quality Probiotic

    A couple years ago I was tired of my daughter consistently getting fevers.  So I took her to a naturopath knowing we needed to dig into why it was happening, instead of quick fixes every time. The #1 takeaway from our naturopath: that she needs to be taking a regular probiotic (and limiting dairy if a cold might be coming on). It seemed so simple. And yet actually made a world of difference. Before that I had presumed children don’t need extra supplements as they’re born with what they need. But adding one in has helped sooo much (she also takes omegas & vitamin D). We don’t stress if she misses a day, but she loves the ritual and asks to take them herself most days. Our favorite brand is Mary Ruth’s Organics!


  • Chiropractic Care

    Chiopractic care has been essential to our family. Not only is it a major help for pregnancy & postpartum (for mom & baby!), but it can help support a healthy immune system. I don’t know exactly why, but in my eyes an aligned spine is a healthier nervous system, making more room for your body to handle outside invaders, instead of constantly dealing with our own stress. We used to just go to chirporactic care as needed (big fall, tweaked back). But last year we made a commitment of scheduling every 3-4 weeks & seeing a chiro preventatively really kept us healthy! I felt better in my body & my daughter had help with growing aches & pains.There are lots of great family freindly chiropractors! If you’re looking for a rec, we go here.


  • Find Ways to Move & Reduce Stress Daily

    There is plenty to be stressed about. But there’s also a lot of good fun to be had. We have to make a daily comitment to feel calm & peaceful in our bodies. If we’re constantly going around in stress, fight or flight mode, our bodies are always going to be drained & fatigued. To move into true rest & digest, we need restoration (relaxation isn’t necessarily the key because often our minds are still super anxious even when we lay on a beach). This could be a dance party before dinner every night. A solo, phone free walk or run. A 5 minute guided meditation before bed. A yoga class with or without the kids. Playing with crystals. Nature time. Something that gets you into your body & feels like a deep exhale. It’ll also quiet your mind for a moment. Regardless of how you find actual calm, be sure to make a habit of it.


  • Essential Oils

    Essential oils don’t solve everything. But they certainly help! And smell divine. Some sort of immunity boosting blend is good to have on hand. Think DoTerra’s OnGuard or Young Living’s Thieves (you can also find a recipe to make your own!). We like to diffuse these in our home & studio, and rub onto bare feet before bed if you feel any sort of a tickle or something coming on (for you or kiddo)!


We hope this helps! There are so many fun ways to stay healthy. These have worked for me & my family. In fact last year, my husband got sick and was out for several days. But my daughter & I (who I make sure follow these protocols) only got sick for about 12 hours with the same illness, and way more mildly.


If you do get sick, don’t be hard on yourself! It’s a wonderful sign from our bodies to slow down.


And if you’re tired of being sick, I hope you’ll give these a try!


What questions do you have? What’s your favorite way to stay healthy? Comment below so we can all share…


Here’s to staying extra healthy this winter. Namaste –  Jess 

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