December 8, 2016
Less Tension, More Energy
December 8, 2016
Less Tension, More Energy
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I’m really passionate about helping people to feel their best and at home withing themselves.

It’s so fascinating to me how easily we can allow our bodies to hold onto stress and the resulting affect that has on our overall well-being.

If that stress hangs on for too long, it actually becomes a part of us! And usually takes the form of dis-ease and at the very least discomfort.

The miraculous part is that I’ve seen how wonderfully people can actually release these areas of stress/tension.

If it’s been there for a long time (even sometimes all the way back from a tumultuous birth), it can take some commitment to heal.

But it doesn’t have to! Especially if we can address tension as it rears up and let it go before it ever has a lasting impact. Which is what Less Tension, More Energy is all about.

There are actually 3 main areas of the body that like to hold onto tension (i.e. stress manifested into a physical form).

In this first (of 3) video series, I explain a tension area that you might be surprised by! Most people overlook it and don’t even realize they hold tension here.

But don’t worry! I give you easy and comfortable ways to release tension, so that you can release it as it shows up.

It’s really important to me that we all stay relaxed and happy over the holiday season (or any overwhelming time).

Our bodies natural state is to be at ease!

So whenever you feel stressed out in the coming month(s), make sure to use this tip to help you let stay at ease!

All the best – Jess

ps – Have you heard about my Energy Healing sessions? They’re perfect for releasing tension that has built up over a long period of time. I know how it can suck to feel like our body is failing us. I’m here to help. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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