April 10, 2023
Postpartum Affirmations
April 10, 2023
Postpartum Affirmations
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Postpartum can feel really isolating, joyful and overwhelming.

Or at least it did for me. And I found that some simple affirmations helped. A lot.

I wrote down some that I’ve used most over the years, in my personal experience, and through all the postpartum and baby yoga I’ve taught. 

Today I share them with all of you!


For new moms:

  • My baby & I are a team. I don’t have to know it all. We are here to figure it out together.
  • No one hears my baby’s cries as loudly as I do.
  • I am so grateful for my healing.
  • My body is recovering wonderfully & expediently.
  • I have a healthy, happy immune system.
  • I love & approve of myself, and receive support on all levels.
  • I trust & am confident in the ways I choose to feed, support, nourish, and love my baby.
  • My baby & I chose each other for all the right reasons.
  • I ask & trust my intuition to guide me every step of the way.

When breastfeeding:

  • My breasts are regulating and working perfectly together with my baby
  • My body is beautifully nourishing my baby.
  • The deeper the breaths I take, the more I allow my body, baby and breasts to work harmoniously.

Roots Family Collaborative, a local non-profit supporting familes and parents in Bozeman asked me to create a meditation parents could use anytime they were feeling overwhelmed or not enough. So I also share that with you below!

And if you need extra support in your postpartum healing and want one on one care, be sure to reach out or book a session with me today, so I can take care of you!

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