Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga

Customized yoga sessions before and after you give birth to help you feel more grounded, relaxed and prepared to fully embrace this season of your life

Private Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga

Are you feeling anxious about your pregnancy? Overwhelmed by all the information constantly coming your way? Not sure the type of movements best suited to your changing body? Tired of all the noise?

My private prenatal and postpartum yoga sessions are here to help you fully embrace all the emotions and changes that happen to you and in you. We learn new techniques to stay calm and connected, poses to ease any aches and pains, breathing exercises for calming the nervous system and staying centered even amidst intensity, and provide insights and a listening ear to all the questions that come up.

Whether you want to stay strong and have minimal pain, simply enjoy feeling supported and taken care of, or want all the advice you can get from a seasoned birth/postpartum doula and prenatal and postpartum yoga expert, these sessions are here to help you during one of life’s biggest transitions.

$169/ 75 min session

Want more benefits?

During the session, you get all my knowledge & expertise, and I also offer 3-4 month-long coaching & lifestyle consulting packages for a full transformation & continued accountability.

Prenatal Partner Yoga workshop

One of the best ways to prepare for birth. This workshop shows your birthing partner tangible, practical ways to show up for you during labor, delivery, and pregnancy.

I’ll teach your partner all the best hands-on relief counterpressure techniques I’ve learned during my years as a birth doula and prenatal yoga teacher. We’ll practice different poses great for positioning the baby, helping labor progress, delivery, and also a more comfortable pregnancy.

You’ll get to feel utterly relaxed and supported at the hands of your partner, while they gain confidence in their role as a birth partner. A lot of partners also say it’s the first time they truly feel connected to their baby!

$349 / 90 min workshop

Get my pre-recorded Prenatal Partner Yoga workshop

Interested in doing this workshop from the privacy of your own home? With the option to revisit it over and over again? Not available for an in-person session? Is your husband or birth partner not really a ‘yogi’ and would be more comfortable doing this just the 2 of you?

No problem!

Click on the button below to learn more about the online version of this workshop, a pre-recorded option so you can start practicing right away. Any time.


Her sessions are free from judgment and expectations, she meets you where you are.

Working with Jess on prenatal yoga while I was pregnant was a game changer. It was like she knew what my body needed before I did. She gently supported me with not only mindful positions and safe movement but also affirming words. She created a warm environment where I could really be present. After the sessions, I was more relaxed, more aware of my body, and more confident as a mom-to-be. Jess is the most intuitive person I’ve met and will always make you feel like she’s created something specifically for you and your body. Her sessions are free from judgment and expectations, she meets you where you are. I can’t recommend her enough.

I was drawn to Jess by her warmth, kindness, and nurturing sensibilities

“While attending Jess’ prenatal yoga classes, she brought a calmness over me during a time when I felt the most anxious. To put it simply, I was drawn to Jess by her warmth, kindness, and nurturing sensibilities. She felt like the older sister I never had and I just knew she was who I needed to attend my birth.”

Your class was essential to me maintaining comfort and balance during pregnancy

“Your class was essential to me maintaining comfort and balance during pregnancy, and I know the physical and mental practice helped me immensely when it came time to deliver the baby. So I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for that.”

Most of the time I was utterly lost as to how to help myself feel better, then you came into my life

The process of having a baby is complex and full of emotions, and I for one struggle the entire way through. With my first, most of the time I felt depressed and overwhelmed. I didn’t have a mommy tribe and most of the time I was utterly lost as to how to help myself feel better. Then you came into my life. By your honesty and sharing your life so candidly, I slowly began to say to myself that what I was experiencing was normal. That I wasn’t a fuck up and doing everything wrong. I’m not saying I don’t still have these thoughts creep into my mind now and then, but by your example, I learned that even those feelings were normal. You are an amazing soul and every time we connect my life feels grounded and beautiful.”

The Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop was the best, most amazing, and helpful to prepare for our son’s birth

Evan and I LOVED the Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop and it helped so much. It was the best, most amazing, and helpful anything we did to prepare for our son’s birth, honestly. Night and day between 1 & 2 and I swear it was 98% this workshop. Thank you!”

It gave us a toolbox to use together for calming and focus techniques for laboring

“We both enjoyed the Prenatal Partner Yoga workshop and felt it was beneficial. I felt like it helped him wrap his head around what I was feeling physically and feel empowered to step in to help, which made me feel supported. It gave us a toolbox to use together for calming and focus techniques for laboring. And the methods of counter-pressure Jess showed my husband for my body were tremendously helpful through the rest of pregnancy and labor. It let me know that there ARE ways to feel better when you’re in that super uncomfortable last few weeks. Plus It was like a mini-date for us, a way to be together and close and focused on each other for an afternoon.”

How a session looks

Check in – this is the space to share how you’re feeling and ask all the questions about what you’re going through. We’ll get clear on any physical symptoms that you’d like support with as well as address energy levels, goals for the day and set intentions.

Practice – we’ll focus on breathwork that will guide you through pregnancy and postpartum, as well as poses tailored towards your exact needs, whether it’s core strengthening, getting strong for labor or post-baby, low back and hip release, chest openers, and of course deep relaxation!

Carry on – Enjoy a lasting sense of calm, confidence, and connection to baby where you can cut out the noise of everyone else’s opinions and experiences. We’ll help you embrace a new sense of inner strength, that you can call upon throughout pregnancy and postpartum.

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Over the next 21 days you’ll receive an email each day with relatable bite sized information you can implement right away. My favorite tips, stories and knowledge to help you with your pregnancy and to prepare for labor & delivery in a fun and inviting way.

You deserve to feel more confident, grounded, relaxed, and supported, and to do this your way!

Benefits of Private Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga

Reduces stress

We all know to avoid stress during pregnancy. But that is literally impossible. I say lean into what’s stressing you, so we can pinpoint exactly what’s coming up + the underlying issue. Then we’ll find practical, real life solutions for easing it.

Prepare for labor

Labor is typically a very active process. Yoga allows us to connect to our breath to stay centered and calm. It also enables us to have a strong yet relaxed body, with open hips and awareness of your core and pelvic floor. There’s really no better time to receive the many benefits of a yoga practice!

Ease aches & pains

Many prenatal and postpartum symptoms are common, but not normal. And having an expert who can pinpoint your body’s exact needs to feel its best, to balance your energy, and provide that relief is immense. It’s important to let someone else take care of you while you take care of baby. You deserve to feel good!

Learn from a Doula

Get advice from someone who has been at many births, provided for hundreds of pregnant women, and has also supported many women during their 4th trimesters. You can ask me all your questions and we’ll go over what’s pertinent to you in preparing for your upcoming birth and postpartum period.

Build your support network

After the better part of a decade supporting pregnant women, I feel confident in pointing you to the resources and practitioners that would best support you and your unique needs during this time. Whether it be creating a postpartum plan, knowing when to see a chiropractor, or where to find a mom group, I can help point you in the right direction and provide insight into what would be most helpful.

Get unfiltered, real-life advice

Feel like you’re getting support from your pregnancy best friend. This is a space to be totally candid, there’s no TMI. I always try to share my own real life experiences so that this journey feels less lonely, and more connected. I also have gone through and seen a lot, and love sharing the best of the best knowledge and tips, in all the ways you’re wanting, and none of the ways you’re not.

Experiences & certifications

When I got pregnant with my daughter in 2015, I had all the support in the world, and I still struggled. My first trimester was the most depressed I had ever been in my life. Around 16 weeks, I started teaching prenatal yoga and created the classes and community that I so badly craved for myself. These classes became the best part of my week. To this day I still hear women say ‘prenatal yoga with you was the best part of my pregnancy!’ 

After my daughter was born, I started teaching postpartum yoga and baby yoga. Shortly after, I also became a birth doula. I combined what I was offering in classes and doing in births, created the Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop, and have helped hundreds of couples in preparing for their births. 

In 2019, I co-founded Our Yoga Family, a yoga studio for the whole family, specializing in prenatal and postpartum. We created a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training that Yoga Alliance said should be the new standard in prenatal yoga teacher training. We have since closed our doors, moving in new directions, but the community and experience we gained still fuels us to this day. 

Throughout my prenatal yoga career, I have worked closely with Women’s Health Physical Therapists and continuously incorporated this wisdom into my offerings. In 2020 I received my certification in Ayurveda for Women’s Health. I’ve also traveled to Lake Atitlan to learn about birth and pregnancy from the mecca – the Mayan midwives. I love being able to call upon this wisdom in my offerings for mamas & families.

Hence my classes provide tremendous physical release but also touch on all aspects of life and the transition that is becoming a mother. However pregnancy is showing up for you, I am here to support you through it on all levels. 


How far along should I be to do the Prenatal Partner Yoga workshop?

You will benefit no matter the stage of your pregnancy. I’ve had some couples take it twice! Ideally it would be done in the 3rd trimester, but it will provide a sense of teamwork and support in whatever stage you’re in. You’ll receive a workshop recap pdf too, as a refresher for all that we do and can revisit it any time.

How often do you recommend working together?

2-3 times a week is ideal for receiving deep, lasting benefits (I offer packages!). It’s also easy to put our needs last during these times, so it’s important to set yourself up for success. When mom is doing well, the whole family is doing well! However even just one session can provide a lot in terms of knowledge and awareness of your specific prenatal and postpartum body and needs.

Is prior yoga experience required?

Absolutely not! Many people turn to yoga for the first time ever during pregnancy. And many men try yoga for the first time during my Prenatal Partner Yoga workshops. These practices are made to be accessible and whether you’re seasoned or new, you will get so much out of learning the specific prenatal and partner yoga workshop techniques.

When is it safe to return to yoga postpartum?

The technical answer is when your doctor clears you. However the benefit of one on one is highly individualized sessions. I can meet you exactly where you’re at, whether that’s starting with the gentlest of core and breath exercises and enjoying chest openers while I hold baby. Really it’s whenever you feel ready and are wanting!

Can I have a friend join or make my own group?

I love when a partner or friend joins in! You can also create your own groups for a prenatal yoga class or Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop. Prices vary on group sizes, length of time, travel distance, etc. Be sure to book a Discovery Call so we can create a personalized offering just for the group you have in mind!

What if I want to do the in person and pre-recorded Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop?

Great! I offer a discount if you do both. Doing the workshop in person will provide cues and support in finding the hands-on touch, cues, and poses that are specifically best for you. Doing the pre-recorded workshop will allow you to revisit and receive from it often. Simply sign up for the Private Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop, and you’ll receive an instant access code for 50% off the pre-recorded workshop.

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Over the next 20 days you’ll receive an email each day with relatable bite-sized information you can implement right away. My favorite tips, stories, and knowledge to help you during your postpartum period and to be as nourished as possible during this time.

You are not alone during this period, let me support you during one of life’s biggest transitions!