April 10, 2023
Prenatal Yoga – How to Adapt Your Practice
April 10, 2023
Prenatal Yoga – How to Adapt Your Practice
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Today I want to share with you some of the important things to know about practicing yoga while pregnant.

These are easy takeaways that can make an in home or studio practice more accessible.

Pregnancy is full of questions and unknowns!

So let this be a chance to know what’s going on in your changing body + yoga practice, while feeling confident and assured you are being safe and caring for your self and babe.

Lastly, everyone’s unique! We trust you are your own best healer. So always check in with yourself and what feels right first.

And if you want more one on one advice and. toenjoy a practice tailored to exactly what you’re going through, then be sure book a private prenatal yoga class with me today!

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