Private Yoga & Energy Healing

Customized yoga and energy healing sessions tailored to your unique goals, experience and needs in private or for couples who want to elevate their relationship.

Private Yoga

Customized, private yoga sessions tailored toward your exact needs. In my decade-plus of experience, I know how to cater a practice to the person, whether they’re needing restorative, an active flow, a prenatal sequence, etc.

We use these sessions to really meet you where you’re at and make sure our work is in alignment with your current needs and goals.

We work together using the tools of yoga + Ayurveda to feel deep stress relief, connection to our bodies, gain mental, emotional, and physical strength, feel deeply supported, and deepen your practice.

In-person or virtual.

$169/75 min session

Want more benefits?

During the session, you get all my knowledge & expertise, and I also offer 3-4 month-long coaching & lifestyle consulting packages for a full transformation & continued accountability.

Energy Healing & Intuitive Sessions

Private sessions catered towards exactly what you’re needing for support and guidance. A mix of talk therapy, intuitive readings, energy healing, oracle cards, pendulum and chakra work.

These sessions help provide lasting stress relief, bring you back to purpose, and use breathwork and guided visualizations to anchor back into the core of who you are and what you’re wanting out of life.

They really help people who are wanting to start anew, find a new path, set better boundaries, come back to better health, move from people-pleasing to self-pleasing, and just overall fall back in love with themselves and their lives. (typically done one on one but can be very fun to do with a best friend, partner, parent, etc).
In-person or virtual.

$299/90 min session

+ Includes: follow-up recap with action steps, and personalized guided meditation based on what comes up in the session, for accountability and continued healing.

Private Couples Yoga Workshop

Join Jess for a date night couples yoga workshop! This is the perfect opportunity to leave behind the day-to-day and enjoy connecting with your partner in a playful and meaningful way.

We’ll do some partner yoga poses + also partner massage. Class will end with a well-deserved savasana. So you’ll get the benefit of deep relaxation in your body, melting away stress, AND a fun date night. It’s not to be missed!

Chocolate + essential oils will be provided during class. Open to beginner or more advanced yogis.

Private Workshop $349/90 min session / couple

Meditation Reset on the Go

This virtual Meditation Reset is a step-by-step guide to melt stress, manifest like a pro, sleep better and release all that’s not yours to carry. I share all the secrets I use to keep my meditation practice fun & enticing, do deep inner healing, and meet your mind where it’s at on any given day. If you’re looking to be guided deeper in your meditation practice or have ever said “I’m horrible at meditating,” this is for you!

How a session looks

Check-in – we’ll start each session by checking in with how you’re doing, what you’re craving that day, and tapping into your biggest needs and desires. Every single session is designed to meet you exactly where you’re at.

Receive – let me guide you into the practices that will best serve you, in accordance with the type of session you have booked. Through breathwork, guided meditations or movement, you’ll enjoy a felt sense of balance and home within.

Continued support – know I am now on your team! And my support goes way beyond yoga. You’ll walk away from each session with a new foundation of tools and awarenesses, feeling at peace with exactly where you are, and who you are.

My background in energy work came from growing up with horses. At a young age, I learned that horses become extremely uncomfortable when what’s on the inside does not match what’s on the outside. In other words, if you’re feeling one way, but putting on a different face, horses can tell. This had me tuning into the small body movements, awarenesses, and tiny signs that horses would pick up on. Plus, if you can shift and harness the energy of a 1200 pound animal through subtle cues and regulating your own energy, a lot starts to feel possible! 

Then at the age of 16, I took my first yoga class, and the immense freedom I felt afterward never left. It was a place I could go to feel at home, feel at peace amongst the confusion of hormones and life, and also feel appreciation and love towards my body for the first time as a teenager.

After college, I knew I needed to dedicate myself personally to my yoga practice. I had some amazing mentors, and when I moved to Argentina I had hours a day to practice yoga and used meditation to feel deeply connected to those from afar. I realized what was possible in that space, and how amazing I felt in my body and life. People started asking what I was doing to have so much energy and enjoy life so much, so I started teaching! 

After Argentina, I got my certification and began teaching formally, my very first class being Yoga Nidra. The yoga of deep inner journeying, nervous system resets, massive internal guidance, and burden-free rest. I realized I had a gift for getting people into their bodies and out of their minds in the best ways possible. 

I’ve now taught since 2010, and love incorporating my breadth of experience and background into crafting an experience that is uniquely perfect for you. I want for every class to feel like a mini-retreat. To this day I still tune into that subtle energy that our horses taught me: when to take a deep breath, when to make a small alignment tweak, when people are holding back, and when people need a supportive and safe space so that they can be set free.

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Get my practical guide for connecting to your unique energetic blueprint, going beyond the obvious, and connecting to your magic deep within.

“If I had to describe Jessica, her work, or my overall experiences with her in one word -there is no doubt that word would be MAGICAL! Her work has created movement and healing inside of me that was beyond my wildest desires.  She will lead you to your most raw and beautiful self. Take a deep breath and follow her...” - Kristen, Arizona

Benefits of private Yoga & Energy Healing

Reduces stress

Life is stressful. It’s inevitable. What’s important is creating spaces in our life free from stress, and having the tools for our bodies to recover from stress faster. It’s sort of my specialty!

Calms nervous system

Nervous system overwhelm is real in today’s world. We’re constantly bombarded. We all need enjoyable sensory experiences to soothe the nervous system. These sessions do just that, so you can feel content and relaxed, on the deepest levels possible.

Increases flexibility

When we don’t bend, we break. It’s a common quote and a true one. We need mental, emotional and physical flexibility to roll with what life sends us. These sessions will take you from feeling like things are forced, to flowing smoothly and evenly. And working out for your benefit!

Gives clarity

Sometimes it feels like life is happening TO us. I love helping clients pivot back to feeling like they are taking the reins of their own lives and directing them in accordance with their desires. But it takes slowing down, and noticing what’s truly underneath all the busy with someone who knows how. Then having the tools to move forward staying connected to that new clarity.

Trust yourself

We all go through periods of doubting ourselves. One of the biggest feedbacks I get from my clients is a renewed sense of knowing how to trust their body’s signals and their emotions as helpful feedback. And to trust that it’s safe to not only be clear on your desires, but to express them. It’s part of my mission to help women find and embody that confidence.

Meditation practice inspires EVERY aspect of my life

“I have not participated in many yoga classes. However, my mediation sessions with Jessica have completely transformed my mind/heart/soul/energy. Meditation practice inspires EVERY aspect of my life, and I take what I learn and feel in each session and apply it to my daily actions. I believe there is no greater stress relief or method of “finding” oneself than meditation. It allows you to completely relax, let go, rewind, and set intentions for yourself and your inspirations – whether they be physical, mental, or emotional.”

She will lead you to your most raw and beautiful self

My yoga, meditation, and healing experiences with Jessica have not only changed my life but have enriched my soul. The work that she does is healing and rejuvenating. She is a natural leader and you always want to follow. Her voice is one that can calm you and entice you to be still and present, explore your depths, and settle into yourself. She helps to lead you to your own personal magic. If I had to describe Jessica, her work, or my overall experiences with her in one word -there is no doubt that word would be MAGICAL! Her work has created movement and healing inside of me that was beyond my wildest desires. She will lead you to your most raw and beautiful self. Take a deep breath and follow her……”

I am exactly where I am supposed to be in life.

After a tough day, I am lying here with tears in my eyes as to how perfect this moment is. I’m having this profound realization that I am exactly where I am supposed to be in life. That this moment “is it”, and I’ve officially “made it”. You mentioned something about me being exactly where I was supposed to be in our last session and I wasn’t on board with it at all, yet here I am a few days later and it just seems so incredibly clear to me now. I just needed to write this note expressing my thanks and pointing out just how incredible you are and how much the short time we’ve worked together has meant to me. I’m officially a changed soul. I hope to feel like this forever.”

You are kind, knowledgeable, talented, and magical.

During our yoga classes together I have always admired your ability to deliver grounding and important information about the mind, body, and spirit in a gentle and powerful way. You are kind, knowledgeable, talented, and magical. I have found your guidance through meditations to be more clear and more impactful than any other teacher I have encountered throughout my practice.” 

Jess is great at connecting the poses in a way that have purpose physically, mentally, and spiritually

“When I practice yoga, I generally look for a teacher who will be able to increase my connection to my body as well as help me find peace of mind and calm. Jessica manages to do both so beautifully in her practice! She puts together a sequence of poses that will challenge you physically no matter how long you’ve been doing yoga and she offers lots of modifications for whatever your challenge 

is when completing a pose (muscle tightness, inflexibility, old injuries, just don’t get what you’re supposed to do, etc!). Then Jess is great at connecting the poses in a way that have purpose physically, mentally, and spiritually. She’ll talk you through each pose in the sequence and explain how one builds on the other – both in regard to loosening your hips and to being grounded through your practice and in life. It’s this balance and thoughtfulness and Jess’s great way of communicating it so you listen and let it sit with you that I love about practicing yoga with Jess!”

When I started to work with Jessica I really fell in love with and understood what yoga is all about, and how to make it my own.

“I’ve never been a yoga person. I’m not very flexible or bendy, and I always felt out of place in yoga studios, standing next to people with perfect bodies and warrior poses (while I perfectly wobbled all over the place in the wrong outfit). It wasn’t until I started working with Jessica did I really fall in love with and understood what yoga is all about, and how to make it my own. When I’m done with a session with Jessica I feel calm, centered, rejuvenated, and curious, and I can’t wait for the next time. I think working with her is going to change my life in ways I can only imagine right now. She’s a talented teacher, instructor, and intuitive. I’d recommend her to anyone. Namaste, b*tches.”

Each time we're done I feel lighter, happier and more understanding of my situation and life

“Jess is my GO-TO girl with all things energy. She has this way of knowing exactly what I need that day to make me feel good. Whether it be a message from the Universe telling me that I’m doing a good job and to keep going, or a special meditation that will uncover the exact thing I’m needing to see, Jess can pinpointitfaster than anyone I’ve ever met. She’s a natural intuitive and working with her feels easy and fun. Each time we’re done I feel lighter, happier and more understanding of my situation and life. She’s a gem.”

I really loved the concrete tasks she gave me to help me become more in touch with my emotions and body sensations

“Jessica is a very caring and understanding person – within the first few minutes of us talking, she was able to get me to open up to her and also was able to identify my strengths and made me feel more confident about the positive aspects of my personality. She was a joy to talk to and her radiance came right through the phone line. I truly felt as though I was with a comfortable friend that I had known for years. I really loved the concrete tasks she gave me to help me become more in touch with my emotions and body sensations. I have been using the breathing technique that she gave me regularly, and it has been very helpful in helping me take deeper breaths to relax.”

Jessica is really personable, I felt no worries in entrusting her with my issues

“Good stuff, Jessica is really personable, I felt no worries in entrusting her with my issues. I love how the chimes and bowl sounds resonated during the meditation. I felt the vibrations, even through the computer speakers!”

I’m feeling a shift already just being aware of my needs in this area a bit more

“I was feeling generally pretty drained by work / overwhelmed by my to-do list, recovering from the flu, and really just wanting to rest and scale back on work, Stretched pretty thin, and unsure how to support myself / be supported in this. After working with Jessica I feel like I have a new perspective on my ‘overwork’ issue that I was contemplating before the call. The meditation and affirmations did a lot to make me feel supported – and just knowing where to look now – to turn inwards, heart-focused, to ask myself how am I feeling / what do I need right now to feel supported and not stretched too thin – I feel those things happening.
I think being given the meditation / affirmations / and just the tool of checking in with my heart on a regular basis to see how I’m feeling in that area – am I supported? Am I feeling drained / stretched / alone – and having some tools for a meditation / healing energy to do on my own, that’s super big. I’m feeling a shift already just being aware of my needs in this area a bit more. THANK YOU!”

You gave me a conquering attitude that I am amazing and can accomplish anything

“I loved the realisation that I have always beat to my own drum, I just never realised it, and that now is the time to unleash my full talents on the world. Total wildheart moment. Thank you, it was really interesting and totally gave me a conquering attitude that I am amazing and can accomplish anything. Your kind words were so lovely. Thank you. It definitely reinforced other messages I have been getting in other ways. Thanks!”

I have never experienced such a deep spiritual connection & tuning in with myself during & after our sessions

“Working with Jess is like a breath of fresh air! Through our three private energy healing sessions, she has helped me to clarify my purpose & life goals and bring more intention into my day-to-day life. She helps to clear and release bad energy and welcome new and positive energy, and I have been able to do a lot of healing through my work with her. Her blending of yoga, meditation, card reading, cacao ceremonies, chakra work, crystals, and Ayurvedic medicine is truly powerful, and I have never experienced such a deep spiritual connection and tuning in within myself during & after our sessions. She is wonderful teacher, mentor, and friend, and I feel honored to have been able to work with her. She always has a smile on her face and brings warmth and passion to all of her work, so you will surely leave any session with her feeling refreshed, connected, and joyful!”


Do you offer packages?

Absolutely! This is a great option for people who want more accountability and to dig deep into their healing, creating a new sense of home within. Packages come with discounted rates and are completely tailored to your individual needs and desires, so be sure to book a call and we can create a custom plan of work!

What is the ideal amount of sessions and can we do some of both?

We can absolutely do both, most people do! The amount depends on your unique needs. Often clients will start with an Energy Healing session to get clear on what needs to be released, then move into the Private Yoga to integrate it. Be sure to book a call so we can get clear on what will suit you best! And just one session at a time is okay too, if that’s what you’re ready for now!

What if I’m new to yoga or have an injury?

That’s one of my specialties! With over a decade of experience, I can cater these practices to most injuries and help you recover better through them. New to yoga is no problem either, there just needs to be an openness and willingness to experience something new.

Where do the sessions take place?

Sessions can be done virtually from anywhere. If you’re in Bozeman, these sessions are done in your own home! If that’s not a relaxing place for you, be sure to contact me ahead of time and we can talk options (I have access to a private yoga zen room, but must check availability *additional fees incurred*).

What’s the difference between going to this and a studio class?

Everything. These sessions are geared towards your exact needs and desires. Whether it’s a new awareness of alignment, feeling seen and heard, receiving hands on adjustments (in person), or going deep into your most pressing desires, these sessions are creating an entirely new foundation for you to lean on.

Will I walk away with new tools?

Absolutely! In our yoga sessions you’ll come away with a better understanding of how the practice can meet your body’s exact needs. And in our Energy sessions, you’ll walk away with newly crafted affirmations and a take-home downloadable meditation created just for you!

What if I’m horrible at meditating?

Join the club! Meditating can be so overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. In our sessions, I’ll help guide you into meditation in the ways most accessible and enjoyable for you. Finding a meditation guide you like makes all the difference in the world.

What if I’m not sure I’m ready?

That’s okay! Be sure to download the free calming meditation and give that a go for now. I do promise though that on the other side of that fear or hesitation is something truly magical. I’ll be ready when you are!

Any additional questions? Be sure to book a discovery call!