Meditation Reset on the Go

I hear people all the time tell me I have never, not once, been able to meditate alone or with an app, yet somehow when I’d guided by you, I’m actually sitting there + *shocker* enjoying it!

I’m not sure why this was given to me as my special talent, but it is.

And I know I can do that, if people are simply willing to show up + get curious.

Why meditation?

Personally, meditation is how I allow my mind to shut off before bed, find inspiration for new ideas, resolve emotional conflict, communicate better, remember the world’s not out to get me, feel like I’m not a total failure some days, and it’s what I turn to when I know that I need to do something just. for. me.

Scientifically speaking, it also:

  • reduces stress
  • controls anxiety
  • enhances digestion
  • allows for better sleep
  • enhances emotional health
  • decreases blood pressure
  • is a natural form of pain reduction
  • helps with attention span
  • allows movement from a place of intention, rather than addiction
  • keeps people sane moving into the holidays

Unscientifically speaking, meditation:

  • reduces triggers i.e. keeps us from wanting to thrash out at our spouse (or any family member/roommate)
  • brings us out of the monotony of the day-to-day
  • keeps our dreams healthy
  • reminds us no one has power over us
  • keeps panic attacks, anxiety and depression in check and helps the body to dissolve the issues creating them
  • reminds us our body is our safe space (or perhaps allowing us to feel that for the first time ever)

If you’ve ever said “I’m horrible at meditating”, then this Meditation Reset is for you!

So often people feel like when they sit to meditate, they have no idea what to do. Or all these thoughts come rushing in and they can’t settle them and what’s the point of it all anyways, especially if you leave feeling more stressed or confused. It makes it easy to feel like meditation is a form of punishment.

What you need to know: meditation is like a muscle. We have to create the space, flex the muscle, and it gets easier and easier.

And trust me, there are tools that make getting into a meditative state much simpler! Once you feel comfortable with what tools work for you, meditation is a breeze!

In this virtual Meditation Reset, I share all the secrets I use to keep my meditation practice fun & enticing. It’s a step-by-step process to go deeper and meet your mind where it’s at on any given day. You’ll see – it doesn’t have to be stagnant or daunting!

These practices are your new step-by-step guide to reset from the inside out, however often you like.

Guided meditation is also my biggest tip for enjoying a meditation practice and exploring how it can support, nourish and empower us on the deepest levels possible.

Once you get into it, it truly is like having your own superpower!

What’s included?

The Meditation Reset On The Go contains 9 individual meditations you can download to your phone and listen to anytime you want.


First we notice

Explore the thoughts, feelings and places that hold us back and keep us feeling stuck, low or unhappy. And then find ways to move through them and come out on the other side feeling refreshed & invigorated. Having a guide will allow your anxiety to take a back seat and experience what it is to let the breath & body take over.


Then we ground

Grounding sets the foundation for all the other spiritual practices we do. When we have a practice that grounds us, it allows our body to release the negative, the toxic. It teaches us how to connect & replenish in the ways our body truly needs. It also creates a protective barrier between our energy & everybody else’s. Practice this meditation daily, when you’re feeling scattered, disconnected, or when you know you have to be around a lot of other people (particularly someone who challenges you).


Next we offer thanks

When we practice giving thanks, our entire vibration changes. Becoming aware of the blessings already present in our lives is one of the most freeing practices. It’s so easy to go from intention to intention, without ever stopping to really appreciate all our efforts. This meditation reminds us of what is working, and gives thanks for all that we’ve done so far, so that we can cultivate more of that goodness and appreciation in our lives.


Then we find our center

Balance between strength & flexibility – effort & ease – giving & receiving – action & rest. Balance can seem elusive, but it’s actually rather easy to experience once you know how. This meditation teaches you how to instantaneously feel more balance in your life.


 And experience true rest

Rest. Something we all crave, but can struggle to actually find even when we have the time. Often our bodies and minds are so wired, even when we’re ‘relaxing’, we’re not leaving feeling fully well rested. I’m here to help. This meditation is designed to help ease your body into rest. There’s nothing to do or accomplish, just find a way to get comfortable, hit play, and see where it takes you. Perfect for a midday rejuvenation/nap, or before bed


Moving into a place of trust

Do you ever feel like you’re swimming in an uphill battle with life? How nice would it feel to simply surrender and go with the flow. What does that mean? It entails noticing where joy lives, even in the tiniest ways, and being brave enough to follow that. It means when things feel continuously draining, finding a way to shift and ebb so that you can feel fueled & inspired every day of your life (even on the hard ones).


Rebalancing our energy centers

This meditation is like an energy tune-up. Its focus is on the chakras or the major energy centers of the body. It’s such a beautiful practice of visualization and alignment. The energy body could also be called the emotional or breath body. They are all related. When we are tense, our breath is shallow. When we are relaxed, it’s deep and even. You don’t need to know anything about the chakras to enjoy and feel a full-body release. Notice any emotions that come up for you. They might be beckoning you to release them. Enjoy.


Building a solid sense of home within

Have you ever been to a place that you felt like every last bit of you belonged? Often these places are so few & far between. It’s so easy to feel scattered, hard to feel at home anywhere.

This meditation teaches you how to create a place in your mind and body, where you always belong. A place that you can visit anytime you need to remember how much this world needs you, and just how valuable you are.


And at last, be free

Hopefully, by now your cup is feeling much fuller, and much calmer. Now it’s time to share this newfound energy you’ve created with others. This meditation is inspired by the practice of Ho’oponopono. It is a chance to receive deep healing and to share it with others in return. Practice this meditation when you’re being too hard on yourself, or when you’re feeling at odds or upset with someone else and ready to change your tune. Practice it and experience a total lightness of spirit and a chance for long-lasting healing.

When we’re guided, our brains get to shut off and we simply follow along and bliss out. All the benefits, none of the stress. That’s the beauty of having these meditations on your device. You can go rogue with your new tools, or just hit play, sit back, and relax from now until eternity.

This is my step-by-step process to have you feeling your absolute best and provide constant tools for peacefulness & sanity in your back pocket.

You’ll receive access to these meditations instantly, downloadable to your device. Listen anytime, anywhere! You can practice them in order, over the course of 9 days. Then go back and pick and choose which ones you want to revisit. Or do the reset in order over and over again, whenever you need it!


Her voice + calmness cut through the chaos and lead you to grounding peace

“Jess introduced me to her magic work of guided meditation. What started as a painful practice that brought more frustration than calm, has now transformed to a practical tool I use most days.

Her voice + calmness cut through the chaos and lead you to grounding peace.”


Why this over a meditation app?

These meditations can be downloaded to your device, so you have access even when out of service (I highly recommend putting your phone in airplane mode so you can truly step away from the day to day). They are also a set sequence I’ve created over my 13 years of teaching meditation and energy healing. It’s a step by step process to truly reset from the inside out, and give you new tools you can become familiar with and pick and choose to create a meditation practice as unique as you are.

It also comes with my Meditation Reset on The Go Guide, a manual for setting up your space through rituals and tools that make meditating easier and more enjoyable.

Can I try out one beforehand to make sure I like the sound of your voice?

Yes, feel free to check out my Free Calming Meditation first, if you’re not sure. It’s a quick glimpse into the style, tone and offering I’m all about. Because I agree, you vibing with your guide makes a big difference!

How long will I have access to them?

Forever! Simply download them to your phone or computer, and they’re yours forevermore.

How long are the meditations?

These meditations range from 5-15 minutes long. I find this to be the sweet spot to really be willing to show up. You pick how much time you have to give to your practice on any given day, and know you’ll have the perfect option ready and waiting for you.

What if I’m horrible at meditating?

That’s my specialty! Guided meditation is my biggest tip for actually enjoying a meditation practice. When we’re guided, our brains get to shut off and we simply follow along and bliss out. All the benefits, none of the stress. That’s the beauty of having these meditations on your device. You can go rogue with your new tools, or just hit play, sit back, and relax from now until eternity.

Do you create customized meditations?

I sure do! That’s exactly what I do in my Energy Healing sessions & Cacao Ceremonies. We go deep into what’s most troubling you, any lingering dis-ease you’re feeling in your heart, mind or system, and we release that through energy healing and guided journeying. At the end, you’ll receive a personalized meditation based on what came up in our work together, yours to keep forever!