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Here’s what you get in the VIP Membership

Weekly Magic Meditations

5-10 minute long meditations delivered to you every Sunday morning, to start your week off with nervous system & energy body resets, anchoring in, and tapping into that peaceful place within

Love letters

Check in’s about what I’m noticing in the collective, from seasonal transitions with eastern medicine tips to stay nourished and balanced, to astrological awareness for more ease, and overall encouragement & accountability

Journaling prompts

Connect more deeply with the meditation and love note. These are of course optional, but a wonderful way to stay connected to yourself, what you’re most desiring, and the self curiosty and awareness that is where the magic lives

2x Monthly Online Yoga

Deep space holding, nervous system resets, somatic releases, and places for true energetic nourishment. New Moon Yin & Yoga & intentions for clarity and support; Full Moon Restorative Yoga for deep releases, flexibility, and grounding. (classes are prescheduled and LIVE, and available after if you can’t make it live)


Access to all my ebooks, additional meditations, as well as recipes! Recipes for my favorite ritual offerings, eastern & herbal medicines, cacao, healing foods, and more! As a VIP member, you’ll also receive access to my Virtual Meditation Reset on the Go with downloadable meditations to do anywhere, anytime

Class Catalogue

Access all past classes as well as short & sweet morning flows, nighttime unwind yoga, seasonal workshops, and ongoing additions so all you have to do is press play to receive the guidance & nuturing while you move into rest & digest

Continued Accountability

With a VIP membership, you get more thorough check-ins, someone showing up for YOU, and making sure you’re feeling supported, cared for, and have some who is going to make sure you are accountable in showing up for the practices & self work that you deserve right now in feeling your best, most nourished and supported self

Live call with Jess

On our monthly call aka Talk & Energy Therapy – Jess will bring all of her modalities, mysticism, and deep support. With customized tarot/oracle card readings with post call descriptions and pictures, this is your chance to get messages straight from the Universe delivered to you. Customized plans for any area of life you’re needing extra support (hormones, clarity, herbal wisdom, stress, relationship struggles, parenting difficulties, and more)

Special discounts

You’ll receive seasonal discounts on deep dive one-on-one private sessions with Jess, as well as future offerings. You’ll also receive a discount code to use in my future shop with all my favorite spiritual goodies!

Jess guides her clients back to themselves

Jess mixes wisdom practices like meditation and Ayurveda with modern research for a well-rounded approach to mind-body-spirit health and well-being. Her powerful intuition guides each session seamlessly with adaptability and grace while being flexible to meet the needs of her clients.

She has mastered the integration of roles of both the teacher, in which she imparts information to her students and the coach who evokes wisdom from her clients. She has a gift for listening, asking questions, and offers reflections that help clients see themselves more clearly. – Kristen, Arizona

Completely transformed my mind/heart/soul/energy

I have not participated in many yoga classes. However, my mediation sessions with Jessica have completely transformed my mind/heart/soul/energy. Meditation practice inspires EVERY aspect of my life, and I take what I learn and feel in each session and apply it to my daily actions. I believe there is no greater stress relief or method of “finding” oneself than meditation. It allows you to completely relax, let go, rewind, and set intentions for yourself and your inspirations – whether they be physical, mental, or emotional. – Katie K, Montana

Jess helps to lead you to your own personal magic

My yoga, meditation, and healing experiences with Jess have not only changed my life but have enriched my soul. The work that she does is healing and rejuvenating. She is a natural leader and you always want to follow. Her voice is one that can calm you and entice you to be still and present, explore your depths, and settle into your self. She helps to lead you to your own personal magic. If I had to describe Jessica, her work, or my overall experiences with her in one word -there is no doubt that word would be MAGICAL! Her work has created movement and healing inside of me that was beyond my wildest desires.  She will lead you to your most raw and beautiful self. – Sally, Montana

I feel calm, centered, rejuvenated, curious, and I can't wait for the next time

I’ve never been a yoga person. I’m not very flexible or bendy, and I always felt out of place in yoga studios, standing next to people with perfect bodies and warrior poses (while I perfectly wobbled all over the place in the wrong outfit). It wasn’t until I started working with Jessica did I really fall in love with and understand what yoga is all about, and how to make it my own. When I’m done with a session with Jessica I feel calm, centered, rejuvenated, curious, and I can’t wait for the next time. I think working with her is going to change my life in ways I can only imagine right now. She’s a talented teacher, instructor, and intuitive. I’d recommend her to anyone.

I truly felt as though I was with a comfortable friend that I had known for years

Jessica is a very caring and understanding person – within the first few minutes of us talking, she was able to get me to open up to her and also was able to identify my strengths and made me feel more confident about the positive aspects of my personality.  She was a joy to talk to and her radiance came right through the phone line.  I truly felt as though I was with a comfortable friend that I had known for years.  I really loved the concrete tasks she gave me to help me become more in touch with my emotions and body sensations. I have been using the breathing technique that she gave me regularly, and it has been very helpful in helping take deeper breaths to relax. – Nicole, New Jersey

I feel like I have a new perspective on my ‘overwork’ issue

I was feeling generally pretty drained by work / overwhelmed by my to-do list, recovering from the flu, and really just wanting to rest and scale back on work, Stretched pretty thin, and unsure how to support myself / be supported in this. After working with Jessica I feel like I have a new perspective on my ‘overwork’ issue that I was contemplating before the call. The meditation and affirmations did a lot to make me feel supported – and just knowing where to look now – to turn inwards, heart-focused, to ask myself how am I feeling / what do I need right now to feel supported and not stretched too thin – I feel those things happening. – Ainslie, London

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