Retreats with Jess

After taking care of everyone else, let me be the one to take care of you through these customized, experiential retreats. Offered locally in Montana as well as abroad.

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Our retreats meet you where you are physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Choose the one that works for you at this stage of your life.

woman doing yoga in a room with stunning mountain views

Patagonia, Argentina Retreat – Rooted & Wild

This isn’t just a yoga retreat, but an investment in knowing yourself better, being bold in following your advenurous side, getting out of your comfort zone in the best of ways, and letting some of the most expansive wilderness in the world hold space for you.

fog and forest

Half or Full Day Private Retreats – Montana

A full body release and replenishment, helping shift some big energy, celebrate life milestones, feel connected to the mountains of Montana, and truly receive a deeply nourishing & immersive experience.

Guatemala Retreat – Antigua & Lake Atitlán

Culturally immersive & mystical adventure for smaller groups who want to explore Guatemala’s sacred places, try authentic food, go deeper within themselves, and do rituals & practices in ancient places.

I loved absolutely everything about Jess’ retreat

“I loved absolutely everything about Jess’ retreat! I loved the outdoor morning meditations! I’m not a big yoga person but I did love the yoga classes! Doing this outdoors was really a highlight AND hearing Jess’s beautiful voice! Oh my god that was so special! I loved all the oils, the glass container with the messages, the tarot cards we picked, being massaged, providing extra mats. I loved getting to know everyone! I loved that this was all women! I loved that we had downtime to just do our own thing. There was never a rush or any pressure. I loved the release ceremony, that was really great and gave us an opportunity to be vulnerable. The hike was fun, adventurous, and not too strenuous! Yelling, not once but three times was so freeing, and doing this all together as a group is a really wonderful memory I have! And you had snacks for us! Wow you didn’t miss a beat!!!”

– Wild Feminine Retreat

It was an adventure, a learning experience and a disconnect from my hectic life

“I went to Guatemala looking for a break from winter. What I got was so much more than I expected. It was an adventure, a learning experience (espresso and chocolate anyone?), and a disconnect from my hectic life. Going to the more popular places in Central America is much like the U.S. further south. While that is easy, it is not much more than that. Guatemala is a magical place that is a once-in-a-lifetime destination that would not have been possible without Jessica’s contacts, language skills, extensive travel experience, and knowledge of the area. As a person who likes to have everything under my control, I was amazed that I could place myself in Jessica’s care and have the visit of a lifetime and have an experience that I will never forget.”

– Guatemala Retreat

So relaxing and kind to the nervous system

“Today was so lovely. I felt peace, connection & acceptance. I feel stronger in my own decisions. Plus it was so relaxing and kind to the nervous system. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Private Half Day Retreat

Each day was thoughtfully planned, full of wandering around like locals

“Each day was thoughtfully planned to visit other villages around the lake by boat with tours of coffee and chocolate processors, nature preserves, and wandering around like locals. We were most certainly not in “gringo” areas very much and I felt like I was transported to a simpler time long ago to the Mayan culture of the friendliest people I have ever met. There was also plenty of time to just soak in the place and people in a way that has to be experienced to appreciate.”

– Guatemala Retreat

I feel the energy of the retreat hold me year-round when I don't know what direction to take

“A yoga retreat is so much more than a yoga class, its a community.  A place where you can be held by women in the most beautiful way to work through any space you are in your life.  It is a place where your heart will leave full and inspired to walk the path you are seeking.  A place that creeps into your soul and luminates a way forward even in the darkest situation. A place to feel peace. My life has been forever changed from these women.  These holy spaces.  I feel the energy of the retreat hold me year-round when I don’t know what direction to take.  The actual yoga, the poses, the simply the glue that bonds us all.”

– Wild Feminine Retreat

Every aspect of the trip was planned perfectly

“I have long had a desire to visit Central America thinking that it would be a good place to escape Montana winter for a month or so. Warm weather, affordable, and relatively close. Guatemala was not high on my list of destinations with a vague notion that it was not safe or widely reported like Costa Rica, Belize, or the Dominican Republic. Jessica convinced me that I could get a lot more out of a visit to lake Atitlan in Guatemala and that it would be all that I was looking for and a lot more. So I suppressed my skepticism and followed her lead. I did absolutely nothing to prepare other than to block out the dates on my calendar and ask when to show up at the airport knowing from past experience on an epic tour of South America that Jessica knew what she was doing. Every aspect of the trip was planned perfectly. I wouldn’t have changed a thing and had the experience of a lifetime. It far exceeded my expectations!”

– Guatemala Retreat


Where are your retreats located?

I am based out of Bozeman, Montana and offer full and half day private retreats in the surrounding area (Big Sky, Yellowstone Club, Livingston). If you’re further out, feel free to click the contact me button at the top of the page to discuss!

I also offer a Wild Feminine Retreat at the Feathered Pipe Ranch outside of Helena, Montana (~2 hours from Bozeman). It’s magical to be immersed in the forest of Montana.

Internationally, I offer a Guatemala Retreat & a Patagonia Retreat (coming Spring 2025). I love to take people to the most spiritual, healing, and fun places I’ve lived and/or visited.

How big are your retreats?

Private Full & Half Day Retreats are ones where you put together the group (from 1-6 people) and we plan the entire experience based upon your desires and the type of experience you’re looking for.

The Wild Feminine Retreat is our largest offering, ranging from 25-35 women coming locally from Montana & across the country. It’s an amazing group energy & supportive experience.

Our guided International Retreats are small groups of 4-6 women. We keep these journeys small & intimate, so that everyone’s unique needs are tended to and honored and we still have the flexibility to adapt to the day-to-day needs and desires of the group!

What’s the cost?

Every retreat depends on the group size and location.

The Wild Feminine Retreat is the most accesible multiple day offering (3 nights / 4 days away) and at a price point that we aim to make workable for all women who need it. The Feathered Pipe Ranch also has scholarship opportunities available for this retreat.

For international retreats private groups, the price per person is higher as we prioritize every person having a private bedroom and do extensive travel, experiences & adventure once we’re there. The price typically ranges from $8000-$12000. It’s an investment you will not regret, getting to explore places well beyond the typical tourist traps and surface-level visiting. Everything is included from meals to tours to lodging to massage. As well as pre-trip preparation, packing lists, insights into the local cultures we’ll be visiting, and post-trip processing and staying connected.

Please visit each retreat’s individual page to receive up to date pricing.

Do you offer private retreats outside of Bozeman?

Yes, both in the US and internationally. I am open to discussing coming to you. I also have experience in creating Private Group International Retreats throughout Latin America (groups of 2-6). I’d work with you to plan the itinerary and cater the yoga & activites to the experience you’re wanting. It’s a fun, collaborative process where I get to be your tour guide, bilingual translator, yoga teacher, space holder, and make sure you get off the beaten path without having to worry about a thing.

Why this over any other International Retreat or planned vacation?

Once you step off the plane, everything is included, guided, and you get the best of what each place has to offer. Our goal is for you to know what’s happening, and feel excited by the itinerary, but know that you can show up and not have to worry about a single logistic! You get a bilingual guide (Jess!) who has spent ample time in all of these places and can show you around safely, help you get immersed into the people and places in ways that your average visitor would miss, and really integrate and deepen the experience through the yoga, rituals, and ceremonies. We’re with you the whole way, including pre-trip and post-trip guidance for integration and preparation.

Why Montana?

I spent the earlier part of my life travelling & getting to know as many places as possible in the world, so that I could eventually land in the place I loved the most. And that place is Bozeman, Montana. The mountains in this area (really all of NW Montana) are incredible space holders, full of transformation, truly breathtaking, and reset the nervous system in a way that feels magical. I feel so alive here. Connected to the land, its ancestors, ritual, ceremony & most of all, deep nature. Doing yoga and getting to know yourself better here is the experience of a lifetime.

Why Latin America?

I’ve lived and traveled all over the world and Latin America truly has my heart. I find that so much of this part of the world is really misrepresented and it’s a mission of mine to show what these people and cultures are actually like – nothing short of magic. I’ve found these cultures to be immersed in spirituality and the natural world in ways that we tend to lack in our modern society. They bring me back home and provide the richest experiences life has to offer through their rituals and ways of being. Being fluent in Spanish and having connections in each of the locations is also a way to go way beyond surface exploration and get straight to the heart of connection that can be experienced when willing to go a little beyond our comfort zone and find something on the other side that is as empowering and enriching as it gets.