March 19, 2024
Spring – The Witch’s New Year
March 19, 2024
Spring – The Witch’s New Year
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Why is Spring called the witch’s new year?

This spring equinox is known to witches as Ostara, also known as Eostre.

Ostara is the goddess of new beginnings & fertility. She is represented by bunnies, eggs, and flowers.

Hence the reason we see all of those things this time of year, and many religions have rebirth themes/rituals at the start of Spring.

It’s also where the word East & Easter comes from!

It’s for everyone

If you are a human, you can celebrate the earth & nature based holidays.

You don’t need to earn the right, or have to know it all.

Rituals and traditions can be formal (these are the tools, the steps, etc. ) or informal (let’s be loose about the format) – the idea is to make them feel relevant, meaningful and fun to YOU!

It makes sense that spring, a time of sprouting seeds & renewal, would be a time to celebrate a ‘new year’ or at the very least be ready to put into place some new intentions.

With the increase in daylight & solar energy, there is a natural upsurge of energy to implement.

We’ve also made it through the rest & hibernation of winter, and this is an important time of year to put things into action.

Time for Action

In Ayurveda, we are in Kapha season. Kapha can feel heavy, stuck, lethargic when imbalanced. To balance that energy, we need lightness & movement.

If we don’t take some initiative on what is best for us by getting clear on how we most want to feel in life, and then the routines and practices that can get us there, often we end up feeling even more stuck, depressed or lethargic, or lacking purpose, motivation, or feeling connected to something bigger than the day to day.

Ways to celebrate & honor this energy:

create intentional time for ritual – closing the energy of winter with gratitude & reflection; & spend time noticing how you are most wanting to feel moving forward, make a practice of envisioning and embodying it now

smudge yourself & your home to clear away old energy

practice somatic releases & balancing yoga or meditation classes/postures (the equinox is when day/night are balanced so we invite that in through our practices)

support the liver & gall bladder to help your body cleanse away old toxins and waste (think dandelion roots tea, bitters, acupuncture, spring greens)

plant flowers or work in your garden

make plant based (or not) dye for eggs, to represent renewal

do spring cleaning to declutter your space and make room for fresh, new energy to come!

So now you have some new ideas & inspiration for how tuse the energy energy of this year to work for you. Because that sunshine is here and it feels so good!

Setting new intentions can be a very simple, or very elaborate practice. It’s up to you! 

But it’s worth tuning in so we can be efficient with our precious energy and make sure it’s serving us instead of constantly draining us!

Whether you join me for an in person Spring Equinox workshop, or perform your own ritual to celebrate this seasonal shift, know that the more we honor ourselves & celebrate what we have, the better stewards we can be of this earth.

Let’s also remember not to take ourselves or any of our spiritual practices too seriously. 

They are meant to be light & fun, to balance also being deep & important.

Happy Ostara blessings! 🐣 


Come celebreate the witch’s new year – the time to set intentions, and feel your energy grow & expand. Enjoy a yin yoga class geared towards supporting and cleansing the liver & gallbladder, the organs associated with Spring energy. Followed by a cacao ceremony to connect & set beautiful intentions for the sunny months ahead.

Date: Saturday, March 23 | 1-3 pm 

Location: Your Yoga in downtown Bozeman

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