November 7, 2017
The Hands on Support Every Pregnant Woman Loves
November 7, 2017
The Hands on Support Every Pregnant Woman Loves
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Since starting to teach prenatal yoga, I’ve realized how different every mama’s experience can be.
We’re all so unique and our needs vary not only week to week, but day to day, hour to hour.

That being said…

There are 3 poses, and ways to receive support in those poses, that without a doubt every mom to be drools over.

They feel amazing on the hips and low back, which every pregnant mama loves!

I’ve experienced these relaxing adjustments myself. I’ve shared them with couples in private yoga sessions, preparing for birth. And now I teach them in depth in my Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop

They are a way to bond. To feel supported. To receive the TLC every mama to be deserves.

They are a way for birth partners to jump in and be suportive (since moms carry so much of the responsibility and weight).

These ‘adjustments’ are simply meant to be relaxing and feel wonderful. So be sure to get lots of feedback from whoever is getting the adjustment.

They should all feel like a beautiful release, so steer clear of anything that creates uncomfortable pressure or tweaking. 

I’m so excited to share these with all of you. Treat your partners today. Show them some love by adjusting them in these poses!

Their bodies, spirits, attitudes, & babies will thank you.


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