May 21, 2024
Unlock Your Inner Wild Woman: Nurturing Practices for Sensitive Souls
May 21, 2024
Unlock Your Inner Wild Woman: Nurturing Practices for Sensitive Souls
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I have been speaking to so many women lately *okay for years* about how we can often feel so alone in our struggles.

  • Maybe we don’t have other people putting in the effort and intention to live aligned, spiritual lives.
  • Or perhaps our spouses think we’re just too sensitive. Or worse really bash those sensitivities.
  • Or maybe we don’t have an outlet to express, so we depress.

Women are designed to be sensitive. Designed to be these witchy, intuitive, caring creatures.

And yes we live in a world where often sensitive is demonized, diminished, seen as weak.

I think the opposite. 

And trust me it’s been through a lifetime of being an ultrasensitive, deeply feeling and seeing human – and really having to learn that it’s a superpower. I used to wonder why people would be so uncomfortable around me.

But I can honestly pick up on the things people are trying to hide even from themselves. And in front of me there’s no real hiding. My spidey senses know. And that can be uncomfortable.

But that’s not the people doing the spiritual work, like you are if you’re reading this.

What helped me most was dedicating my life and environment to being around other like minded humans who get it. Who revere how much an environment affects me, how much I live my life through intuition and dropping in and making decisions from this place that really isn’t logical, but from deep within.

I’ve learned how to hold that space for myself. To go deep and journey. But also do the daily and weekly check-ins with myself so that I can offload my system, see what it’s really trying to tell me, and feel nourished and supported in that.

So much of my mission in life has become about being the safety net for other women.

Not in a draining, “I’ll enable and take care of things for you” way. 

In a way that emboldens women to go within, to attune to what their bodies and sensitivities are trying to tell them, and learn how to lead from that place.

But until we feel like we have that safety net, that gentle guiding force, that safe space to go to those places, they can feel too foreign or scary to access.

We don’t trust that if we address our anxiety, something will be there holding us and reminding us to breathe and that we are believed in and that it’s okay – whatever you’re feeling it’s okay. And I get it. We need to know that if we leap, something will be there to catch us.

To me, that is spirituality. That is the practices and tuning into the angels and guides and 5D, of rituals and community of showing up exactly as we are. To a space of having trust and feeling deeply held.

I’ve made that my life. And now I get to support so many other women through the practices I’ve been led to and the mission on this earth I’ve been given.

Women deep down usually know what they want and they know how to take care of themselves.

My goal is never for a woman to lose that inner authority or for me to tell her how to do it best, but for her to feel emboldened in losing all the layers that took that voice away from them, and to know they can learn to trust and rest easy in it again.

I love doing this for women, and I love seeing women do it for each other in my workshops or retreats. It’s the most magical feeling. I always set the boundaries and intentions for loving support, and to see how women show up for each other is nothing short of amazing.

So please don’t think your caring, your sensitive heart, your weariness, your introspection is too much.

Darling, it’s just enough.

But don’t let yourself get wrapped in the aloneness of it.
It will feel like a bottomless well.

Set some intention to create spaces to be around other women who can process and support and release and get a little wild with you.

Just being around other women can help us lose the tiredness and feel the nourishment. Let alone when we do rituals, ceremonies and practices and adventure with them.

Create spaces for your softness & sensitivity and caring to be revered.

That’s when the release can happen, the clarity can become a felt sense, and the way forward in a way truer to yourself, but where you don’t have to carry it all, all the time – can come to fruition.

And yes, when we first start to tune into this wild woman – she’s probably going to be tired..

When we realize how much our systems have been carrying for everyone else without receiving our deepest needs to feel seen, validated and emotionally and spiritually supported along the way – we’re going to need some rest after having expended so mcuh energy.

So give yourself that! Do the deep rest practices. Nervous system releases.

And then know when you are starting to fill back up you will feel a deeper sense of pleasure, fulfillment, knowing, nourishment and authenticity than ever before.

Because you have learned to know yourself better, that you don’t need to carry it all, and that you are so far from alone in the bigness of this world. And you’ve met yourself exactly who you are, as you today.

Loving you in all your uniqueness and sensitivities – 


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  1. Cheyenne

    Love this and love hearing about your journey continuously evolving and leading a path for other wild women!!!

    • Jessica

      Thank you Chey! Knowing incredible women like you that I feel connected to on all levels helps so much. You’ve been such a support in my journey, in more ways than you could know! Just knowing I have a friend as magical and witchy as you is so beautiful and something I’m so thankful for!

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