April 15, 2023
What is Restorative Yoga, A Beginner’s Guide
April 15, 2023
What is Restorative Yoga, A Beginner’s Guide
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The Basics

In today’s world we’re exposed to so much that we often feel distracted and worried. It’s easy to feel like we’re not good enough or that we always need to be doing more. Lots of screen time, scary news, and comparing ourselves to others over social media adds to the problem.

Because of this, our bodies are most often in a state of fight or flight, like someone is chasing us. We’re never really turned off. This puts our nervous system on overdrive and leaves us feeling depleted, tired, and sore.

Cue restorative yoga, where the goal is to move our bodies into a state of rest & digest. What does that mean? It’s the opposite of fight or flight. It allows our bodies to slow down and repair themselves. We ‘turn off’. When we restore from within like this, we feel balanced and at ease.

The Practice

The basis of restorative yoga is practicing a few poses, using props to support ourselves in those poses, and aiming for deep, relaxed breathing.

To read the rest of this article, originally published on So Much Yoga, click here!

It includes more info and some yummy practices you can do at home!

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