October 5, 2023
Why go on a yoga retreat?
October 5, 2023
Why go on a yoga retreat?
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“Retreats make me feel plugged in. It’s time and space for me to simply focus on ME, not the house, the chores, the work, the kid, the day to day. It feels gloriously self-ish. But rewards me (and my family) ultimately so much, because I come back refueled, invigorated, restored and inspired. It truly is the best investment I can make for myself and those around me in my day to day.”

Yoga retreats. For the elusive? For the spiritual heady? For the elite?

For me, it should be an experience for everyone.

A retreat is one of the best ways I know to do deep, important healing. To have the true time and space to step away from the day to day. To meet a like minded community that can support and nourish you in ways you didn’t even know you were needing.

It’s also a chance to tap into our adventurous side – trying new things, being bold, getting out of our comfort zone in a very enriching way. And of course – exploring rad new places, their traditions, their cultures, the wisdom of the land, breathe different air, touch different soil.

It’s been a major source of refresh for me in my life. I always come home from experiences like this with a newfound appreciation for my home and family, a newfound deep sense of self, a feeling of “I can do anything”, and deep connection to nourishing my needs and desires. 

I also love retreats as a way to set up new rituals and routines for yourself – I never feel more connected to my spiritual practices and health than when I come back from an immersive retreat experience.

I take better care of myself afterwards, in a lasting way.

Which is HUGE! It’s so easy not to tend to ourselves (in the ways we’re really craving) when we’re doing our day to day.

And if you know me, you know I love rituals. To me, rituals anchor us into rhythm – whether it be daily, seasonal, annual. It allows our body to know what to expect, have a chance for deep release, reflection and connection and our bodies begin to really settle into that. Our own internal rhythms start to feel more balanced, and thus all of our life goes a bit more smoothly. So when women make one of my retreats an annual ritual, or come away with a new ritual to do at home, it means the world.

It doesn’t mean we’ll always stay in this zen, balanced place, but it does mean we’ll know it’s possible to feel that way, and it’s easier to make feeling this way a priority when we’ve experienced it, and now have the tools to guide us back there. 

But of course I love retreats, it’s a big part of my dharma (life’s purpose) here on this earth. To take women to sacred places within themselves and around the world. So that women can truly get to know themselves better and have a clearer understanding of their needs, desires and how to communicate them. When we can own that place within ourselves, it makes it a lot easier for our needs to be met and our desires manifested. Then we sync into this rhythm where it feels like life is actually working for us, not to us. Life begins to feel a lot more relaxed, pleasurable, purposeful, supportive, and juicy. Can I get a hell yeah?

But enough from me, hear from past retreat participants:


Did you have hesitation before your first (or any) yoga retreat?

Did I have hesitations- yes, before making any decision that involves self care, I always hesitate. Sometimes it is uncomfortable to put you 100% when you’ve been working hard putting everyone else first. I have, over the years, just leaned into the trust that everything is going to be fine if I leave, the house won’t burn down and no one will die. Self care is like a process of relinquishing control, and going on a retreat is letting go of control and just being taken care of. THAT is scary. 

“YES!  I had huge hesitation before attending my first, or quite honestly the first couple, yoga retreats.  I was worried about my if my yoga practice was enough to keep up with the others.  I worried about if the sleeping arrangements and if I would like the food.  I worried about not really knowing anyone and if I would get along with the other ladies.  I think it was just this past year that my pre-retreat nerves were finally calmed.  What I learned was, no one cares how long I can or can’t hold a downward dog.  No one notices I am nowhere near, and will never get to, a headstand. “

What makes going to a retreat different from going to a regular yoga class?

“Going on a retreat is a sustained place of relaxation, which I just don’t think you can get fully from a yoga class. Retreats offer an opportunity to dig deeper, and build connections with yourself and others. It gives you the time to reflect and really allow yourself to relax into it.”

“A yoga retreat is so much more than a yoga class, its a community.  A community of like-minded women who come together to prove that collectively we are better than one.  A place where you can be held by women in the most beautiful way to work through any space you are in your life.  It is a place where your heart will leave full and inspired to walk the path you are seeking.  A place that creeps into your soul and luminates a way forward even in the darkest situation.  A place to feel peace.”

What’s one of your favorite parts of a yoga retreat?

“My favorite part about being on the retreat is being alone! Like being away from my responsibilities as a mom and wife, being away from Ryan and Lil, to have my own peace is the best part. I love the women I meet.”

“My life has been forever changed from these women.  These holy spaces.  I feel the energy of the retreat hold me year-round when I don’t know what direction to take.  The actual yoga, the poses, the practice..is simply the glue that bonds us all.”

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