June 21, 2017
Why We Have Lows After Our Highs
June 21, 2017
Why We Have Lows After Our Highs
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Have you ever had a really big, powerful moment, only to then feel totally drained and depressed soon after?

It happens all the time, and it’s actually a good sign.

It means we’re growing and shedding old layers.

I’ll share a personal example. A couple of weekends ago I hosted my first (mini) retreat. It was something I’ve been wanting to do for years and years and feel very passionately about.

It was one of those things you wonder why it even took so long to do in the first place, because once it happens it just feels so right. It’s a natural calling.

Well, there were some wounds I needed to release in order to make it happen, and I think it was a matter of being in a place where I felt healed, and right timing.

And everything went so well! We had an amazing time, lots of good positive shift, and overall the experience was powerful, yet relaxed.

Cue a couple days later and I had a horrible cough, and a continuous high fever lingering at about 104.

With all the energy healing and observation I do, I really like to be curious about what happens in my body and life. And to me this sickness represented so much more than just a cold or a virus.

It represented my body literally burning away old, stuck energy that I had been holding onto for quite a few years. Emotional gunk that had turned physical and really bogged me down.

So even in the midst of feeling horrific and slightly delirious, I just thanked my body. I thanked it for releasing this energy that had obviously been very toxic to me.

And I found it very fitting for this topic and what I want to share with you.

Sometimes things can feel so amazing, and we go through this incredible high. And then afterwards we can reach a really low, low.

My aim in this post is to help you understand it, so that things don’t feel so confusing.

I want you to recognize that all of this is happening, rather than think ‘hey I thought I had my sh*t together, so why all of a sudden do things feel even worse than before? I must be failing’.

It’s because you’re growing. You’re shifting. You’re expanding.

You’re creating even more space in your bold, beautiful life for all that serves you.

And the best way to support yourself during these contraction periods, or the lows after the highs?

Your breath.

When we can tap into our breath, we create a solid foundation within us that is the calm at the center of any storm.

Your safe haven.

Our breath also represents this expansion and contraction, our full moments, our empty ones. New beginnings. And it really allows us to release, so we can make room for more of that life giving energy that serves us.

I have a Free Calming Meditation you can access below to begin today.

To really build this foundation, we need to practice regularly. In our good times. Because if we get into routines that serve us when we’re doing well, it makes it a lot easier to call upon them when we’re struggling.

So next time you are feeling really good, then have a deep low, trust it is your body healing and making space. Thank it. Reflect on it. And then get back to the practices that move energy and nourish you!

Want more of this energy in your life? A deeper dive into releasing stuck energy, to feeling your highest self through your breath and meditaiton, all my favorite healing meditations?  My Meditation Reset On the Go does just that!

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