Wild Fem Co

The feminine is mysterious, magical, and often very misunderstood. It asks us to make decisions from our intuition, to deeply listen to our body’s wisdom, to trust even amidst the unknown, to move fluidly through cycles & rythyms, and to be soft & strong at the same time.

But, how? When we’re not often modeled or shown this let alone taught to revere it. Thus the creation of The Wild Fem Co. A virtual collective to embrace our wild & witchy. Now is our time, and this is your invitation in.

Welcome to your new place for exploration –

your gentle hug from the universe

Are you ready to relish in doing things differently? To feel connected in ways we’ve all been deeply missing? To be reminded that life is not meant to feel so isolating, monotonous, numb and alone? If so, welcome home.

Are you ready to tap more into your witchy side? For deep resets, surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded souls?  Are you craving opportunities to step out of your day-to-day life for more intentionality & magic? If so, you’ve come to the right place!


Community & Connection

Join a vibrant online community of kindred spirits who share your interests and experiences. Connect with others on a similar journey, share insights, and forge meaningful connections to nourish & support you in life.


Transformative Offerings

Immerse yourself in a variety of classes, rituals, ceremonies, and spaces designed to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. From yoga and meditation to guided rituals and spiritual practices, our offerings are designed to help you tap into your inner wisdom and unlock your inner wild feminine.


Personalized Support

Receive one-on-one guidance and support from experienced instructors and facilitators who are dedicated to helping you navigate your spiritual journey with compassion and understanding. Whether you’re seeking clarity, healing, or simply a listening ear, we’re here to support you every step of the way.


Joyful Exploration

Embrace the magic of play and spontaneity as you delve into new experiences and discover the joy of living in the moment. From playful yoga sequences to withcy rituals and ceremonies, we invite you to let your inner child come out to play and experience the wonder of life anew.

You Deserve Spaces to Take a Break & Receive

We specialize in creating a space where you can feel more at home with yourself through yoga, meditation, rituals, spirituality, community, and, of course, plenty of fun! As a woman who often cares for others and is seeking more for herself, you deserve a nurturing environment where you can receive the support and guidance you need to thrive.

tibetan bowls

Does this sound familiar?

  • I want to learn how to tap into & trust my intuition better
  • I crave spaces to step out of the monotony of day to day life
  • I’m wanting to do less outsourcing of my health, wisdom, opinions and behaviors and live more from the inside out
  • I long for deeper connections & a sense of belonging
  • I want to explore my spiritual side & tap into my magical nature
  • I crave guidance on how to nurture myself & prioritize my own well-being
  • I seek a supportive environment where I can explore my interests & passions
  • I want tools to support myself more holistically through more eastern modalities
  • I’m interested in learning more about yoga, moon work, meditation, cycles and rhythyms & spirituality
  • I want to feel empowered and supported in my journey of learning how to tend to & nurture myself better
  • I’m ready to have more joy and fun in life & not feel so serious all the time
tibetan bowls
Jess holding her hair and looking away

Let me guess…

  • you connect deeply to all things witchy but don’t really have a space or practice for this
  • you might not have a lot of other people in your life who vibe like this and it feels a bit isolating or lonely
  • you often feel overwhelmed by all the information out there on how to achieve great health & balance, and your system tends to shut down even more when presented with so much information
  • you’re tired,  you’ve been in your masculine for so long; your body needs deep rest, healing & resets so that you can actually have the space to tune into your intuition & experience more wild feminine in your life
  • you’re over feeling like life is happening to you and you really crave some space & intentionality about what it is you do want, in alignment with who you are today, so that you feel like you are the one leading your life again

What if I told you there was another way?


You’re ready for more ritual in your life but this was never really modeled for you and you don’t know where to start


We’ve got you – Ritual is the name of our game here, and we share ways to make these practices accessible, meaningful, and uniquely you!


You’re craving other people in your life who get it. Not many others explore their witchy & spiritual side and it feels foregin or lonely.


Meet your new village, who can not only comprehend the mystical, but wants to jump in, dive deep and connect to all things magical


You haven’t found many yoga classes or experiences that go deeper, beyond the physical & the surface, to really help you reset on all the layers of yourself 


Same, girl. Which is why I created this community! So many of us are craving going deeper, teachers who are tuned in, willing to be open, honest & vulnerable, and help us access the true magic within 

I feel calm, centered, rejuvenated, curious, and I can't wait for the next time

“I’ve never been a yoga person. I’m not very flexible or bendy, and I always felt out of place in yoga studios, standing next to people with perfect bodies and warrior poses (while I perfectly wobbled all over the place in the wrong outfit). It wasn’t until I started working with Jessica did I really fall in love with and understand what yoga is all about, and how to make it my own.

When I’m done with a session with Jessica I feel calm, centered, rejuvenated, curious, and I can’t wait for the next time. I think working with her is going to change my life in ways I can only imagine right now. She’s a talented teacher, instructor, and intuitive. I’d recommend her to anyone.”

Hey, I’m Jess

Practical Witch | Yoga Teacher | Energy Healer | Ayurvedic Specialist | Doula | Chakra Guru | Retreat Guide | Mother

I help women to connect to the witchy and magical parts of themselves. My goal through all the communities I feel fortunate to be a part of is for deep space holding.

I spent so many years in my masculine, feeling like I had to do it all, was carrying the weight of the world, and was so disregulated and to be honest, overwhelmed.

I’ve found a new way of being – a way that allows for more deep rests, sacred pauses, fun rituals, & tuning into life’s (and my own) cycles & rhythms.

It involves pulling back the layers to meet ourselves where we’re at today, which is very different from any past version of ourselves.

I also offer retreats, private yoga, energy healing, seasonal workshops & cacao ceremonies. I’m a doula, women’s health Ayurvedic specialist, Akashic record intuitive, and mother to 8 year old daughter Bella.

I put on & facilitate the annual Wild Feminine Retreat at the Feathered Pipe Ranch in Montana. And also guide small group, culturally immersive & mystical Wild Feminine retreats internationally in Latin America and beyond!

These retreats are a chance for us to gather in person and deepen our connections – to the land, ourselves, the local healers, our practices, receiving, and each other.


The Wild Fem Co

We get it. You’re balancing all the responsibilities of caring for others while also prioritizing your own well-being and seaking meaningul places for checking in with yourself. Joining our community provides an outlet for self-care, personal growth, & support.

This isn’t just another …. membership

We get it.

You’re balancing daily life while prioritizing your own well-being, healing the past, planning the future, and also trying to enjoy the present. It’s a lot. You’re craving regular space to check in with yourself, get clear on your intentions and desires, feel deep rest, and sometimes you just want someone else to take the lead.

We’re here for you babe. Joining The Wild Fem Co is a way to feel supported by that seemingly illusive village. It’s your much needed outlet for lasting self-care, meaningful personal growth, & deeply needed caretaking & support.

We don’t want this to feel like another check on the to-do list. Something you have to do to mark the boxes. This is meant to be your sanctuary. Your time for you, for connecting to the witchy and magical part of yourself, your wild feminine. She’s ready to be seen & free!


The Wild Fem Co?

The Wild Feminine might not embody quite what you think. Watch below to learn more.

Here’s what you get when you join

Depending on the space & commitment level currently available to you, we’ve got something for everyone. 

Weekly Meditations delivered to your inbox

Sunday’s Magic Meditations

Immerse yourself in the blissful tranquility of our weekly guided meditations, designed to help you cultivate more peace, intentionality & bliss in your daily life

These meditations are 5-10 minutes long, so they feel accesible and can be done more consistently.

Unlike a generic meditation app, these meditations are specifically designed to speak to the Witchy & Wild Feminine within us, and are fresh. They’re created every week to touch on astrology, seasons, world events, and the general energy of what’s going on – so that it feels meaningful, relevant, and relieving.

Sent early every Sunday, so you can create some spaciousness and enjoy this weekly ritual.

    Tiers: Essential, Premium, VIP

    Yin yoga

    Monthly New Moon Yoga Workshop

    We have plenty of places and opportunities in our lives to achieve, do, to output energy.

    These classes are specifically designed to receive.

    The New Moon is like a blank slate, and is perfect time to set intentions for the month ahead, based on the astrological sign the moon is in. We will pull cards, journal, feel into the monthly energy (flow with instead of against!).

    After 15 years of teaching restorative and yin yoga, Jess offers these classes to help you embrace your most abundant, relaxed, guided, flexible, nourished, seen self.

    It’s true rest & digest and nervous system settling.

    These classes are on or around the new moon, with the option to rewatch anytime if you can’t make it live. 60 minutes

    Tiers: Premium, VIP

    Restorative yoga

    Monthly Full Moon Yoga & Ritual Workshop

    The full moon can be a bit erratic. So it’s a perfect time to mellow out and do some truly restorative yoga.

    We will also have a theme for each class, touching on a new topic or eastern modality or a Q&A. From Ayurveda to Women’s Health to herbalism, to motherhood, to understanding our practice of yoga better, to trying a new ritual, we will have a chance to learn some new tools, new awarenesses, and experience some effortless ah-has.

    Afterwards we will have our beautiful restorative yoga practice to hold space for ourselves, quiet the mind, and restore the body.

    These classes are on or around the full moon, with the option to rewatch anytime if you can’t make it live. 60 minutes

    Tiers: Premium, VIP

    Community Connection

    We’re in it together

    Connect with a close-knit community of like-minded individuals who are committed to living authentically and thriving in all areas of life.

    Women who are ready to step out of always being in their masculine, do it all, productive mode. Women who want to tune into cycles & rhythyms, all things witchy, and live life at. a different pace.

    Share insights, experiences, and support with fellow members as you navigate the challenges and triumphs of your personal journey.

    Tiers: Essentials, Premium VIP

    personalized support

    Monthly One on One Session with Jess

    Receive personalized guidance and support from Jess, our witchy intuitive & women’s health expert.

    Yes, she’s an Ayurvedic Women’s Health specialist, doula, witch, energy healer, and yoga instructor or 15 years. But her real magic comes from her intuition. And in our calls we’ll touch on exactly where you’re feeling stuck or drained, and how to shift that energy to better support you. 

    You’ll get customized divination card readings as well as recommendations & action items for the month ahead, and feel deeply supported.

    Whether you’re seeking clarity, healing, better boundaries, improved relationships, support in your health or mothering, or simply personal growth, Jess is here to support you every step of the way on your journey of self-discovery, feeling empowered, trusting your journey, and designing the energy and life of your dreams.

    40 minute calls

    Tier: VIP

    How to Join

    Cancel anytime, no contracts.
    Subscription can be upgraded or downgraded at any time, based on your preference.

    Love Notes

    I was feeling generally pretty drained by work / overwhelmed by my to-do list, and really just wanting to rest and scale back on work, Stretched pretty thin, and unsure how to support myself / be supported in this. After working with Jessica I feel like I have a new perspective on my ‘overwork’ issue that I was contemplating before the call. I know where to look now – to turn inwards, heart-focused, to ask myself how am I feeling / what do I need right now to feel supported and not stretched too thin – I feel those things happening.


    If I had to describe Jessica, her work, or my overall experiences with her in one word -there is no doubt that word would be MAGICAL! Her work has created movement and healing inside of me that was beyond my wildest desires.  She will lead you to your most raw and beautiful self. Take a deep breathe and follow her.


    After a tough day, I am lying here with tears in my eyes as to how perfect this moment is. I’m having this profound realization that I am exactly where I am supposed to be in life. That this moment “is it”, and I’ve officially “made it”. You mentioned something about me being exactly where I was supposed to be in our last session and I wasn’t on board with it at all, yet here I am a few days later and it just seems so incredibly clear to me now.



    When do the meditations come out? How long are they?

    Meditations are sent every Sunday morning with your weekly love letter. A chance to check in with current astrology, seasonal shifts, new practices and ways to journey within. You’ll also receive a weekly journaling prompt tied to the practice, for continued support.

    Meditations are mostly 5-10 minutes long, to make them very accessible.

    You’ll also have access to past meditations, a full catalogue for your magical needs!

    Tiers: Essentials, Premium, VIP

    Are the new moon & full moon yoga workshops live?

    Yes! They are a chance to join live and feel that connective, community energy. You will receive a link to join, or can access it in the Member’s Lounge.

    But don’t worry! If you can’t make it live, class will be added to our catalogue and you can practice them as often as you like, whenever you like.

    Tiers: Premium, VIP

    How do I switch between tiers?

    You can switch your tier at any time. Feel free to upgrade to the VIP when you really need extra nourishment, energetic support and want the one on one option. If you’re wanting to join a yoga class and have only been doing the meditations, no problem!

    Please note there are no refunds, so what you’ve paid for the month will continue. But you can cancel anytime and stop your subscription moving forward.

    If you have any issues or questions, please reach out!

    What's so special about the VIP?

    This offering includes a monthly call and intuitive session with me. I wanted to create an option for people who were wanting more customized support, individualized card readings, intuitive assessments and accountability.

    I have a lot of clients not needing the full 2 hour long Deep Dive Energy Healing sessions, but still want the check-ins and customized support, and this offers that.

    When we check in with each other regularly, I create specific intentions for the month ahead, helping you to manage your stressors better, stop self sabotaging, feel deeply seen and supported on your journey. Sometimes this is an actionable item, a health suggestion, a parenting guideline, it will all depend on your unique situation and what you’re craving and needing.

    Is this in person or virtual?

    This is my online offering, so I can connect with women between my in person retreats, and support people in an accesible and far reaching way. I’ve had so many people say they miss my classes after moving away, having a busy schedule, coming on a retreat, or having practiced with me before. This is how we stay connected and doing the work!

    If you’re looking for in person options to join in on the fun, be sure to check out one of my upcoming retreats or book a private retreat for yourself!

    Can men join?

    Ultimately, this is a space for the feminine. I gear my work towards supporting women, as that is my zone of genius. However, if your hubby is craving some restorative yoga and witchy magic, by all means invite them to join in too! So long as he’s comfortable knowing I may talk about womb spaces or women’s health. And whatever gender you indentify with, we all have feminine aspects and if you want more of that in your life, then you are more than welcome.