January 26, 2024
You Deserve to Receive
January 26, 2024
You Deserve to Receive
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Recently the Feathered Pipe Ranch (where I’ve hosted my annual women’s retreat the last several years) asked me to write an article for them, & instantly I knew what I wanted to share. To speak to.

About women & receiving.

About the magic that happens when we are tended to. When our sensitivies can be understood, revered, celebrated, and seen as gifts (instead of denied, misunderstood, or pushed down).

This is the energy that is at the heart of the Wild Feminine Retreat I offer there. I say I, but really it has become an annual group of truly phenomenal women. It’s a container of space we all hold together, and look forward to every year.

Whether a retreat is specifically something you’re interested in, I hope you’ll read this article regardless.

My passion is for women to feel revered, held, and to feel soul deep nourishment. Brimming with clarity on what it is they want, sparked with joy, armed with healthy boundaries, and space to take the deep breaths we often so badly crave.

Sometimes a new awareness can be the spark to initiate those feelings in our lives.

And my hope is that this article sparks just that!

Click here or the below image to read the article on the Feathered Pipe Blog

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2 people sitting with Tibetan bowls

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